Part 2 of my back to school haul!
Look how colorful those Campus notebooks are! And if you can’t tell, pink is kinda my favorite color…

-Kokuyo Campus B5 Dotted Notebooks
-Zebra Mildliners in Pastel
-Zojirushi SM-SA48-PB hot or cold Thermos with lock (So it doesn’t spill in my bag or purse!) 480ml.
-Naglene wide mouth bottle 32 oz or 1liter.
-Monbento Original Bento in Pink
-Monbento Nomad Cutlery in Pink
- And a new Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary iphone 6 case (Which I had to include because it also arrived today and its just so pretty!! ;-;)

Everything was purchased on Amazon! If you would like the links just let me know!