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Part 1 and 2 of the giveaway prize for aphnate! Hope you love it! ;v;/) I also paired them up together for Reigisa reasons. Plus- transparents for your blogs!

I’m having so much fun experimenting with drawing + coloring styles, and I’m really liking the results. 


He was the one who completely changed my world. Even though he is pushy at times, he has an aura that I am attracted towards and……I guess you can say that thanks to that, he has me completely wrapped around his finger. I keep thinking to myself that I hope there will come a day when I can somehow return the favor.


Today was another busy day at another doujinshi event! More specifically, the second Nagisa Approach at Zero Hour, or the Rei and Nagisa only event! Right next to us was the second uke!Rin only event, but…. Er.

Anyway, I went with paranormowl and jap-year bright and early! Maybe too bright and early. We got there at 8:30 a.m…… Around 10 or so, sunyshore joined our party! (The event didn’t start until 11 a.m. lol)

In the end, I bought 36 books. Exactly 2/3 of those 36 books are personal purchases though. Jfc, I really did not hold back at all today. ORZ

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I knew this screenshot was a bad idea when I realized there was a background.

Anyway, many thanks to aotetsuu for the pointers on coloring their hair! I was struggling for a while, but she really saved me. Here’s a GIF of the coloring process.

Also, on completely unrelated news, if you’d like to get a Free! fanfic commission from me, please see here for more details!


Today was the Freestyle Love 5 event! I arrived around 1 p.m., which is really late since the event was over at 3 p.m., but I still had a lot of fun and was able to meet all my friends for one last time, before I have to leave Japan. ;;n;;

I didn’t end up buying as much this time around, since the Rei/Nagisa and Rin/Ai sections were–as usual–very small, but I’m happy with what I have!

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“i don’t love you i’m just passing the time. you could love me if i knew how to lie, but who could love me? i am out of my mind.”

track list:

01: immortals - fall out boy || 02: mine - taylor swift || 03: new perspective - panic! at the disco || 04: all about us - he is we || 05: peach - the front bottoms || 06: the last time - taylor swift ft. gary lightbody || 07: girl, you shoulda been a drummer - william beckett || 08: time-bomb - all time low || 09: your life over mine - bribry || 10: hate it when you see me cry - halestorm || 11: she had the world (alternate version) - panic! at the disco || 12: penguin - christina perri || 13: flaws - bastille || 14: losing my mind - daughtry || 15: wrapped around your finger - 5 seconds of summer || 16: someone to save you - onerepublic || 17: follow me - muse || 18: the best is yet to come - kids in glass houses || 19: hallelujah - paramore || 20: science & faith - the script || 21: bonus track - just to fuck y'all up

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Rei/Nagisa Headcanons and Drabbles - Part 1

Here’s proof that I’m thinking about Rei and Nagisa every moment of my waking life. I posted these on my Twitter, but I’ll just compile them together for Tumblr once in a while. I’ll make separate posts for my NSFW headcanons and drabbles!

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