He catches you fangirling

Preference #6

He catches you fangirling

Drew: Drew had gone over to Wes and Keaton’s house to pick up something. You were sitting on the couch watching TV and scrolling through your Instagram when you notice Drew had posted a picture. He was wearing ray-ban aviators and was wearing nothing but his boxers. “Oh my god!!!” You squealed looking at the picture. You’ve always been a fan so you call your friend and begin screaming and fangirling over the picture. “I know he’s shirtless a lot but there’s just something about this picture I can’t even!!! I want to lick his abs” You giggled. All of a sudden you hear chuckling behind you. You hang up the phone and turn around nervously to see a shirtless Drew standing behind you. “So, you wanna lick my abs?” He says, raising up an eyebrow. Before you can answer he throws you over his shoulder and straight to the bedroom.

Keaton: You were at your friends house waiting for Keaton to drop off your phone since you left it at home. You and your friend were having a casual conversation until the topic of Keaton came up. “You and Keaton are the cutest couple ever!” Your friend says laughing. You blush a little bit and pick up her cat that came by and remembered Keaton and his cat obsession. “Keaton is the cutest thing when it comes to cats! And he looks hot while playing with them. What guy looks hot while playing with cats?!” You said laughing. “I guess I do” you turn around and see a blushing Keaton standing with your phone in his hand. “About that…” You say before  quickly grabbing your phone and kissing Keaton before running back into the house, leaving behind an amused Keaton.

Wesley: Wesley had taken you to the beach for a little surfing lesson, even though you weren’t a fan of surfing, it was nice seeing a soaking wet Wesley. “Babe, I left the wax in the car, I’ll be back.” He says before running back to the car. While you were waiting for Wes, you see a friend of yours and walk over and start talking. “Are you here alone?” She asks looking around. “No, I’m here with Wesley, he went to get some wax.” You said. ‘I bet it’s nice seeing him shirtless" she says laughing. You blush but start laughing and giggling, “he’s so sexy in that wetsuit. Like all his muscles show through it and his hairs all wet and..” You were cut off by Wesley coming up behind you, “and what?” He says with a playful smirk, knowing what you were going to say next. You’re friend slowly walks away laughing, leaving you there blushing. “Awe you’re so cute when you blush” he says kissing your cheek. “Come on, let’s get this lesson started so you can see me in my wetsuit and all of muscles” he says teasing you. He was not going to let you live this down.

It’s been awhile, but we’re back! This one was inspired by today when Beau Brooks finally followed me and I fangirled like crazy… Hope you guys like it! Request guys! ~Annette


Sooo… Not girlfriend? Lol He’s still adorable. :) suzqee12’s video.