How not to mom when your daughter is clearly unhappy verses how to mom when your daughter is unhappy. 

Senna addresses Korra’s unhappiness and tries to actually make her feel better, while Michi shuts Mai down because her emotions inconvenience her and Ukano. 

Mai has some of the best lines

•Just take the bear
•She can shoot as much lightning as she wants at me I’m not jumping into that wall sludge juice
•It looks like the beach threw up on it
•I love Zuko more than I fear you
•But don’t ever break up with me again
•*opens hatch* We lost
•The wardens my uncle, you idiot
•Finally something to do
•“Finally Mai can wear makeup that isn’t totally depressing” ha ha
•Saving the jerk that dumped me
•Attention issues, you didn’t get the attention you wanted as a kid so you’re making up for it now
•That time in the comic when she shot the fish off Zuko’s head

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In response to Sokka and Katara at the Air Temple thing: I always thought that traveling on Appa helped them adjust to higher altitudes. Also we don't really get to see their journey from the southern water tribe to the southern air temple. So we don't have a great time line for how long it took to get there. While I agree that they were a little too well adjusted, I think a couple weeks of flying at high altitudes with Appa would have definitely helped them adjust to the Air Temples.

That seems perfectly reasonable so sure, why not?

anyway the firebending masters is the most satisfying episode of television ever made bc we literally have 3 seasons of building up parallels between aang and zuko and then they’re finally reconciled and are able to become friends and both begin to grow in the same direction

anyway i love avatar

They weren't… this, were they? These were monsters that Sokka had always painted them as…  This invading force, this all-consuming army of them… That wasn’t his people. That was the mockery of them that Zhao had created, that the Fire Lord had encouraged.

This has been done for about a month and I’ve just forgotten to upload it until now. Anywho, this is more from @traxits amazing fic, Silk (specifically, chapter 20) because – holy guacamole – this fic will never cease to be amazing even if it’s never finished.