HEAVENS +Crush Headcanons!!

Otori Eiichi

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  • The second to hit realization. He’d be like “Me??? In love?? Hah lol.” though
  • He laughs to himself like a maniac sometimes. Nagi had to ask him what on earth was wrong with him
  • Always ends up pinning you to the wall when he wants to talk. God knows why.
  • You gotta be hella intense to deal with him. Good luck.
  • He plans his dates too since he sees himself as supreme and expects that he impresses his crush to the maximum on a date.
  • Is actually nice to you when he knows he likes you. He can be someone you can completely open up to.
  • He gets you bouquets and food. Just like that. Out of the blue. Two things you can’t refuse xD
  • It would actually take a lot for Eiichi to even like someone so you are pretty darn special if you’re in his heart.

Sumeragi Kira

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  • 3rd to realize he’s in love. It is noticed when he suddenly turns absent minded.
  • He doesn’t really have any wooing tactics..mainly because his crush turns his mind blank. Example- “_____, please help me with my homework.” “But Kira, you already finished it.” “….okay, help me anyway.” “Um okay??”
  • That blessed smile on his face when you agree to go on a date with him.
  • If Kira likes you, it means he’s looking for a serious relationship. He doesn’t do “flings” or a date “just for fun.” He asks you out when he thinks that your relationship has a future. A good future
  • Dates are always planned.
  • Another guy who courts, not dates. Meaning, parents know beforehand when he sees you and himself in a possible relationship
  • Observes everything so he has a list of your likes and dislikes

Mikado Nagi

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  • 5th to realize he’s in love. Turns into a mini, lovable bitch though.
  • He’ll be very mean to you and tease you more than necessary. Its because he doesn’t know how to show his feelings.
  • Would instantly regret insulting/teasing you.
  • Van and Kira encourage him to chase his crush. And to not be a bitch ffs.
  • “You look pretty…TCH I SAID YOU LOOK SHITTY!!”
  • He plans the first date and even the location where he’d confess. He’s an anxious child here
  •  Would also shower you with love during the date. Hugs, kisses on the cheek and even pouts.
  •  You gotta take care of him on the date, this child is unpredictable.

Otori Eiji

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  • It isn’t dating with Eiji, its courting. Quite literally
  • 4th to realize he has a crush/is in love.
  • Eiji’s family and your family both know when he’s planning on asking you out.
  • The sweetest boyfriend you’ll ever meet omg.
  • He’s very considerate to his crush, he would blush more often around them though.
  • Would definitely bring you flowers on your first date.
  • When Eiji realized he liked you, the whole world lit up in happiness.
  • Would ask for permission before he kisses you. (Bless this guy omg)

Kiryuin Van

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  • He is the first to realize that he’s in love/has a crush.
  • He would be very forward about it, as in, he’d go straight and ask his crush out. A very active pursuer, I must say.
  • If he gets rejected by his crush, it doesn’t stop him but he would change his tactics.
  • I wouldn’t say that he’s like Ren in his pursuits, Ren would sit down and ponder over how he feels. Van? Van would go straight for it, indicating that he’s more instinctive.
  • Would dress very well but make it look casual on your first date.
  • He doesn’t really plan a first date as he’s more spontaneous. However if it’s a woman he really wants to impress, he’ll have a small backup plan ready if his spontaneous idea doesn’t work.
  • Really goofy, would make his crush laugh a lot. Also would give them little gifts from time to time.
  • Somehow, the whole world ends up knowing who Van’s crush is. He always has his eye on them, observing them and when the time’s right, he’ll ask them out.

Hyuga Yamato

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  • 6th to realize he’s in love. Mainly because he keeps denying it!
  • He either wants to keep distance or not waste a moment around you. Depends on his mood and how much he feels like fighting Ryuya that day.
  • Would think in the shower before he asks you out on a date. It took some pushing from Van though.
  • It sounds like he’s blushing and threatening you at the same time when he’s asking you out.
  • Very caring though, he just needed some time to warm up.
  • He would be frank with you about everything. He finds it hard to lie to someone he likes.
  • Congrats, you’ve earned the best bodyguard possible.
  • Would also invite his crush to go to the gym with him. (Planning on impressing them here)

Amakusa Shion

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  • Doesn’t even know when he’s in love, Nagi points it out for him
  • Ya know he likes you when he says “Call me Shion, not Amakusa.”
  • Is daydreaming 25/8
  • The first kiss with him was accidental but he liked it so he initiated the second one
  • A date with Shion wouldn’t be a date without the rest of HEAVENS stalking you two.
  • The baby would confess to you on your first date itself.
  •  planned date? Yes and no. Sometimes he’ll let you plan and sometimes it’s him.
  • You gotta face Mama Nagi and Papa Eiichi after Shion asked you out

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Hey there! I've always had this headcanon where Haruka actually likes creepy crawlies, like spiders and insects, since she grew up in the country. So, how about a scenario where each of the three groups are freaking out over a spider and she just casually walks in, picks it up, and releases it out a window, leaving the boys stunned? (You can do each group separately, if it's easier for you). Thanks :D

I answered it in this format since some of them would react similarly, hope you don’t mind!

Squad: Freaking out (internally or externally) but impressed when Haruka chucked out the bug
Otoya, Tokiya, Cecil

Squad: Not affected much by the bug but still surprised aka “You like creepy crawlies?”
Ren, Van, Reiji

Squad: Still rolling on the floor screaming “GET THAT THING OFF ME NOWWWWW!!!!”
Syo, Shion

Squad: Throws off the bug himself because it’s ugly and annoying
Camus, Eiichi, Nagi

Squad: Unimpressed by the bug, didn’t even know it was there
Ai, Ranmaru, Yamato, Kira

Squad: Tries to befriend the bug
Natsuki, Eiji

Squad: Faints immediately

If you want separate scenarios for specific guys, let me know!

The Proposal ft. HEAVENS

STARISH and Quartet Night here!

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Eiichi would propose at the veranda of a high-class restaurant, facing the city that glimmered with specks of red, orange and gold lights during nighttime. The way the color in his eyes danced indicated the feelings he had for you but tonight was different. He was nervous and when you finished sipping on your champagne, you saw the ring and your jaw dropped. He took that as his cue and gently held your palm.

“I know that we’ve been through ups and downs which have told me one thing, ______- I want to spend the rest of my life beside you. Will you marry me?”

Shion’s proposal would be at the place where he first met you, in an attempt to make that memory brighter, he chose that very location. Surprise was painted all over your face when he got down on one knee and smiled like an angel.

“_______. I have so much to say but words would not hold them. My love for you has grown so strong that I cannot envision my future with anyone but you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my spouse?”

Nagi’s proposal wouldn’t be the one either of you expected. While the two of you enjoyed a stroll by the park, watching a bunch of parents with their little children, the words just tumbled out of his mouth.

“I wouldn’t mind having a future like that with you…..”

When he realized what he said, he blushed and ran away, only to return a few days later with a ring and a more eloquent speech!

His lips lingered on the skin of shoulder, his fingers tracing up your waist and stomach as he pulled away, kissing you firmly on the lips. Yamato’s eyes flickered with such uncertainty and doubt but when they met yours, the golden fire burned with determination. He was waiting for the “moment” and he now realized that he had to take the opportunity and make it his.

“You….you mean a lot to me. You’ve stood by me, supporting and believing that I could do it. When I’m with you….I feel better…you love me for me.” His cheeks deepened in a shade of red but he pressed on and continued, his voice softer.

“I love you and I want us to never end…Will you marry me?”

The water rippled when a gingko leaf touched it’s surface and Eiji observed it, his palm wrapped around yours. Usually he wouldn’t just take you without telling beforehand, so you were at a loss for words when you arrived here. His eyes, burning in a vibrant lavender shade, did not waver. For once, you couldn’t read what Eiji was thinking of. Until he slipped on a ring onto your finger and raised your palm, kissing your knuckles.

“I’ve been thinking of what to say… I even prepared such a lengthy speech. At this moment though, nothing is coming out. Except that I am so deep in love with you, _______. You’re all I want and I cannot picture a day without you. Will you marry me?”

The awkwardness Van’s aura exhibited had been evident to your sight and you wanted to ask him why. Hence, here you stood at the entrance to his greenroom, about to turn the knob until the door opened to reveal the man whom you were meaning to see. He was surprised but he laughed it off and let you in, filling in about his current scene and still…fidgeting. Which was completely unlike him. He handed you the script and asked if you would help, to which you agreed as you read the lady character’s lines out loud.

“Oh…______… The pain I feel in my heart when these words don’t come out is like one of my bullets.” Your eyes were glued on the pages, looking for the line because what he said was out of script. You put the book down only to see him kneeling on one knee with a ring.

“It hurts you know. When I’m unable to get these words out of my out. I love you so much that I cannot live without you.” He laughed a hollow sound. “Look what you’ve done to me. I love you, _______. So much that I want you beside me every step of my life. Will you marry me?”

Sumeragi Kira took a deep breath, as he awaited your presence. He usually wasn’t the surprising kind but he didn’t find a better way to put this. The door opened with a creaking sound and you smiled, pacing your way towards him until the balloon above you bursted and rose petals rained down on you. You gasped, pleasantly surprised and brushed the petals off, only to see him beside you, his soft golden eyes greeting your (e/c) eyes. You asked him what the occasion was eagerly.

“The thing is… I have a lot to say. So much that my heart cannot hold any of my feelings or phrase them into the words I want them to be. I thought of writing you a poem or maybe a letter but….this needs to be said out loud. You have turned so precious to me that my future doesn’t look right without you in it. ______, my only love, will you do me the honor of being my life partner?”

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Las orcas les enseñan a sus bebés cómo “acercarse a la playa” por ellos mismo, ya que así pueden cazar focas. Probablemente ellos están demasiado cerca de la orilla pero en su forma humana debería de estar bien…

 El original de Hydrangeamaiden, post (x) *Permiso concedido por el autor*
Nada de esto es mío, yo sólo lo traduje.
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Could you do Heavens reaction when their best friend or s/o turns into a little kitten?

Sure I can!


Your man had just arrived from work, hoping to be greeted by you at the foyer but he met with an empty house…..except for a little kitten on the table with a notepad covered in sprawling handwriting, similar to that of a toddler’s. He tried to decipher it, meeting the kitten’s gaze before dropping the letter


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“……..impossible…..NO WAY?!” Eiichi cried and you mewed in reply. He stared at you, before rushing for the phone to get all the members from Heavens assembled here.


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“………. *pokes kitty to see if its really true* ……..uh oh.”


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“…. *stares for a second* ne…is it really true?” Nagi inquired and you clung to him in response. He said nothing except pulling out his phone and calling for Kira and Shion. he turned his attention back to you and smiled. “Well lets play till they get here! Nagi will make sure you like being a kitty!” He said the last line with a smirk


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“_________-SAN?!” The fairy tales Eiji once read about were coming true…He stopped for a second before meeting the cat’s face with a determined expression. “I will fix this! Please don’t worry!!”


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“Haha…..well…” He ran his fingers through his hair nervously before reaching out to pick you up. “Let’s see what happens from now? Maybe you’ll turn back?” He laughed, very unsure of his words but he was going to wait. If nothing happened, it mean serious business.


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“WHAT THE HELL?!” Resounded through the hallway which led to Van opening the door, uninvited, only to see Yamato holding you like you were a sack of potatoes. “SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ________! DON’T ASK ME I FOUND THEM LIKE THIS!”


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A shrill sound escaped Shion’s voice box as he stared at you, processing the situation. “REST ASSURED, MY ________! I WILL UNDO THIS CURSE ON YOU!” The platinum blonde affirmed, a violet fire gleaming in his eyes. “I’ll call Nagi and Eiichi…and the rest. They shall advice us.”