Hide and Go Chic is Essie’s Spring 2014 Collection! I could not be happier. There are a couple pastels but I’m excited to see it’s not all pastels.

I’m going to wait for swatches on these as some could be similar to others I have. That said I have my eye on Hide and Go Chic, Truth or Flare, Fashion Playground and Spin the Bottle.

Romper Room – Make way for the new kid on the block. This pretty pale tea rose pink knows how to work the room: stylishly.

Fashion Playground – Fun and games just met their match. This plucky pistachio green with subtle shimmer flirts with forever and plays for keeps.

Hide & Go Chic – I see you! Covetable azure blue is ever elusive but impossible to miss.

Style Hunter – Bright. Hot. Laser-focused. This pure crimson is a chic-seeking missile that always gets exactly what it.

Spin The Bottle – Close your eyes. When you give this flirty, semi-sheer nude a whirl, be prepared to pucker up.

Truth or Flare – Sexy. Fun. Totally glamorous. Vintage blue denim fits perfectly. Honestly, these jeans always make you look fab.

These are listed to go on sale mid March which is subject to change. See any you like?


December 8th.

Today brought two caviar beads (!) and a lovely pink called Kiss Chase. I have a full size of this I got in a nail kit of some sort from Ciate a while ago. It’s a very nice, cool toned pink that leans rather coral. Two easy coats for the swatch above.

The beads are black and gold and red and gold mixed. The red looks pink under that lighting. Love the combos and I’m looking forward to playing with them!


From the Aztecs to the Inuits, Cirque Colors drew inspiration from the native cultures of the Americas to create a collection called – Heritage.  This collection consists of 7 vibrant holographic lacquers that celebrate the richly spirited traditions and arts of these indigenous groups.  Sky Woman, a shimmering periwinkle, was inspired by the fabled creation story about the woman who fell from the sky.  While the bright pink hue of Powwow embodies the dynamic music and performances honoring their heritage.

An electric fuchsia with a rainbow holographic finish

Luminous Owl
An homage to iconic printmaker, Kenojuak Ashevak; A warm coral with a rainbow holographic finish

A flashy chartreuse with a rainbow holographic finish

A vivid turquoise with a rainbow holographic finish

Sky Woman
A deep periwinkle with a rainbow holographic finish

After the Aztec word meaning “flower”; A radiant orchid with a rainbow holographic finish

The first-known Navajo silversmith; A silver foil with a rainbow holographic finish

I received this in my email the other day, the Heritage collection from Cirque. I’m slowly getting over holographics, personally. They are pretty but there are so many out there. I am interested in two colours from this collection though. Cerrillos and Sky Woman. A periwinkle holographic sounds luscious! Cerrillos is a pretty colour no matter the shade. 

What do you think of this collection? Will you be picking up any?


A little manicure I did with some new things. 

I used Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter-A-Peel for a base coat, next is 88mph from Pretty Serious and topped with one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and two coats of Wet Look from Nail Savvy. 

I love, love, LOVE Glitter-A-Peel. I just removed this manicure and the polish pops right off, literally. You get in between your nail and the polish and poof, it’s off! It’s the easiest way to remove dense glittery polish, which is what 88mph is. It’s got a textured finish, which might be intentional or it could be because it is dense colour and holographic stuff. This is also why I used Glitter Food, which is a top coat meant to be nice and thick getting into the gaps of glittery polish helping to smooth it out. Even with the three coats of top coat, there was still a little bit of roughness, but definitely smoother. I also used the second top coat as Glitter Food dries with a satin finish and I wanted the high gloss on this colour. 

Love 88mph, it’s one of my favourite polishes right now. So glad I found it on the interwebs.


With spring coming, that means we can look forward to a plethora of pastel collections that all look the same. Don’t get me wrong, I like pastels now and again. I tend to grow very tired of every single collection having almost all identical colours and extreme similarities to the year before. I have more than enough pastel cremes in my own collection to last me and I’m not the type that would splurge on a very pricey creme when I’m well happy with a brand more happy on the wallet. 

Either way, these two are going to be coming out soon.

Zoya Awaken - Dillon, Rebel, Hudson, Dot, Cole, Brooklyn and Monet. 

Spring Reveries from Deborah Lippmann- La Vie en Rose, Blue Orchid, Spring Buds, Tip Toe Through The Tulips, Build Me Up Buttercup and Flowers In Her Hair.

I’m hoping to see some other collections that might take another go at spring and not default to pastels. I’ve yet to see what Essie is doing for their official spring collection as well as OPI apart from the Brazil collection and China Glaze. We’ll see.


Nail of the day.

Hare Polish - Oceans of Alloys

It’s a very pretty powder blue creme with gold and copper squares and gold and copper micro glitter. There’s also a little smattering of tiny iridescent bits in blue, purple and green.

Two coats would suffice but I used three to get a wee bit more coverage on the nail line. Also more coats means darker blue and a touch more dimension. Topped with one coat G&G HK Girl.


December 12th

I’m not sure about you but I’m really liking these colours together. 

In the back we have the blue, Ferris Wheel. It’s a bit sheer and very light but build able. It’s an off white blue which can give a very pretty, subtle bit of colour if you’re not into stark white nails. 

The yellow/green is Hidden Gem. It’s sort of a muddy yellow which reminds me a lot of Julep Selena. 

Last we have those gold caviar beads which could look very nice over a layer of Hidden Gem as an accent with Ferris Wheel on the other nails. 


December 11th

Today was a great colour day. Another bottle of Amazing Gracie, the pale beige colour in the back. See previous posts for that swatch!

There was also a mint (be still my heart!) called Pepperminty. Very appropriate. Nice and opaque in two coats. I have a LOT of mints, so you can be sure to get a comparison post at some point on this one.

The last was a bottle of loose glitter. Hot pink with gold throughout. I believe it’s called Jingle Belle. 

One thing I’ve been finding as I open more of these doors, is that the days seem to have nice colour combinations with the three polishes or glitters within them. Tomorrow is a great example of that.


December 1st.

Three minis of Snowglobe. It’s iridescent flakies that flash pink, yellow, green and blue depending on the angle. One swatched/dabbed coat on the swatch stick. You could easily build this with a few layers for more flakes if need be. The base is a little thick so that could be an issue.

Though, some of these could be a couple years old depending on the year the calendar came out.


I decided to treat myself when I saw these at a discount store.

These are three different Mini Mani Month calendars from Ciate. A nail polish advent calendar! They were a very good price and for 30 mini polishes in each, why not? I’m not sure of the years these were released but that’s okay!

The polishes are shown on the back of what to expect, but, it doesn’t say which days. There are some repeats in the three, but not enough to sway me from not purchasing. Plus, I can always regift the ones I don’t use.

What I’m planning on doing is opening the days, showing you guys the bottles and swatches of each. I might even do dupes from my collection too. Ciate is a quite nice brand with good formula from my little experience but they are very pricey. I’m always on the hunt for cheap dupes of colours I love from higher end brands.

Let me know if there are any swatches in particular you’d like to see comparisons to.

First casualty. 

This happened last night and it was followed by the right thumb as well as the left index. I was initially going to test out the rest to see how they held up, but I decided to not look a bit foolish and remove them all. 

I do think that if I wanted to wear them for a few more days, they would have lasted quite well. 

Removal was very easy by just getting under the edge and pulling away. There was no sticky residue left over on my nails either. 

Some things that did bother me about these particular nails were the thickness and also the dullness. They are much thicker than my nails and much duller, obviously. I found that getting into things or trying to open up packaging was troublesome as I couldn’t get under the plastic or get a very good grip on it. I also didn’t like how my hair could get stuck under the nail when running my fingers through it to put the hair up in a pony tail or something like that. 

All in all, I think for a night out or a day event, or even a vacation where you don’t want to worry about chips, taking polish with you and that sort of thing, this is a very nice alternative. You do have plenty of spares, so if you lose one, it’s easy to pop another on in it’s place.

These were sent to me in a VoxBox.

21 Untrieds for Spring // 9

Here for you is my next untried, I’m Stucco On You from Nicole By OPI. It’s from the Roughles collection and I’m loving this collection as a whole. The red and blue spots add an extra dimension to the purple base. Something I haven’t seen. It makes the colour pop. 

The collection goes on with two easy coats. They do take a little longer to dry, as expected. These are without top coat, clearly, as i’ve yet to try a top coat on my textures. I tend to use them when I’m in a pinch as they go on quick and don’t require any fancy steps for a neat look. This collection is a “smooth” texture. They aren’t overly rough or sandy textured. It’s hard to explain but I like the texture quite a lot. 

I’m pretty sure this is a limited edition collection but I’ve seen it at loads of places with the full collection in tact just this week, so if you’re hunting check out your nearest Shoppers and Superstore/Loblaws as that’s where I’ve seen ‘em!