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Sephora Formula X Haul!

Okay, I might have lost my mind a tiny little bit at the new launch of Sephora polish. As you can see this one only consists of top coats haha! What I, and everyone, seems to love about this new line is it’s got an indie feel to it. Colour combinations and options are off the charts. They do have an insane amount of cremes available but this is what caught my eye straight away. I purchased Chaotic a while ago from the American Sephora as the first run wasn’t available here in Canada. Loved it straight away. It gives the black and white splatter effect without having to try. Perfect. Chaotic is in the new Formula X line as well which is great as it seemed to be hard to get a hold of for some people. 

First and not surprisingly if you’ve been following me for a short amount of time is Firecracker. It’s a bright orange colour, shy of being neon, in an assortment of matte glitter sizes. 

Next is Wham!. This is a straight up white matte glitter with all the hex sizes and bar glitter. This is Chaotic without the black hex and bar glitter in it. I think this would be beautiful to layer on any polish to give it that little pop of lightness while having that colour come through as well. 

Blast Off is the black version of Wham! including the bar glitter. This one is hard to see in the bottle as the glitter is incredibly dense, so fishing for pieces you want might be an issue but I had no issues at all getting the coverage you see on the swatch. So easy to layer it over something to give it a nice pop of colour through the black. 

After Blast Off is Loose Cannon. This is black and white micro glitter. I like that this could give any colour a nice muddy look while still having the colour show through. I’m interested in trying this one out to see what it looks like over some bright colours. I wouldn’t suggest putting this over a darker colour as you might lose that colour. The black glitter has a much higher ratio in the polish than the white. 

Light My Fire is champagne and rainbow glitter in a clear base. This would look really good over a metallic gold or a green as the gold colour of the champagne glitter, which coats the whole nail in very fine glitter, would work so good with it and you get that nice pop of rainbow and larger gold in there as well for some dimension. 

TNT is the one that caught my eye immediately when I was in the store. It’s one of my favourite shades of blue. Almost an electric cobalt. It’s so vibrant in the bottle and when swatched I felt my knees get a little weak! Any complimentary colour of blue (yellow, orange, coral and red orange type colours) is going to look redonk with this top coat on it. The colours on your nail will be incredibly eye-catching. 

Last but not least is another that caught my eye right away. Thunder is made up of pink, blue and green glitter. This combination screams indie to me, definitely not one you’d see in most collections by big brands. The green is micro while the blue is micro as well as small and medium. The pink is also micro while being medium and the only large glitter colour. 

I looked at Demolition, the sister polish to Thunder and while I like the colours of green, blue, orange and white, I don’t know how easy it would be  to layer over other colours that aren’t black or neutral in some way that wouldn’t offend the colours in that polish. 

Application is easy on all of these and you get good coverage with one or two coats depending on the look you’re going for. I do find that they all settle very quickly in the clear base but with a little shake, it’s perfect and ready to go each time. All of them have the tops that pop off and the smaller one that screws off which is beautiful. No chance to worry about the big top not screwing on right and not lining up perfectly with the others any longer. 

I couldn’t be happier with my purchases and the line as a whole. I would recommend going to the store to see them in person and try them if possible before buying online as they can be a little deceiving on the website and even in the bottle. 

Picked up any of these yet? Favourites?