a little bit of my ancestry

i am scanning and going to post a picture of my bi-racial (black and white) great-great grandfather and my native american (choctaw) great-great grandmother. i am not one of those girls who lies about their ancestry because it’s obvious me or my family is not straight descendants of african ancestry…

My great-great grandfather’s name was Willis Henry Willoughby, he is listed on the 1870 Census for Calhoun Beat 8 as Willis Willoughby along with Sallie Willoughby, Billie Willoughby, and Nea Canty. He married a Native American named Odelia Means on Jan 4, 1872 before moving to Marion County (Ocala), Florida in the mid to late 1870s along with about 20 other families from Lowndes. Their surnames are: Snow, Moorer, Moore, Brayboy, Willoughby, Hector, Lavendar, Jackson, and Graham. I’m a part of the Snow Family :)

here they are! this was on a program of our family reunion a few years ago :) (fun fact: some people say my great great grandfather looks like Abe Lincoln haha!)


my hair journey in a video!!!