nagative narrative

anonymous asked:

"they lead such sad, hateful lives" LMAO i've yet to meet a larrie who fits this description... also idk which blogs you and your anons have been visiting but there's been no talk of boycotting any singles... and as a larrie i can personally say that i will be supporting whatever single harry chooses next even if it's pushing the het narrative cause i am firm in my beliefs

like….so i’m supposed to believe spending days actively hating the mother of louis’ child, calling her a cokehead, harassing louis’ family members on social media, theorizing that one of harry’s songs is about cocaine instead of about a girl, that’s all…sunshine and rainbows? cause y’all are all about love, that’s why u harass other people and come up with bullshit to convince yourselves that you’re right?? lmao. don’t buy it for a second. that’s the definition of sad and hateful.

as for the boycotts, i’ve seen talk on twitter and amy also mentioned it in one of her videos. seen tons of larries complaining about it being a single, that “two ghosts” is better which is…interesting considering that’s the haylor song

lastly since you’re in my inbox, are y’all truly so biphobic you have to constantly nag about a “het” narrative instead of maybe considering that…yes harry DOES like girls? but could like boys too? in fact, we don’t know his sexuality so that’s very possible? why does harry HAVE TO BE gay and hate females? im giving u the chance to explain instead of assuming y’all are all just inherently biphobic.