Hide and Saiko are angels 💕

We all knew that best girl and sunshine boy were going to be important in this arc and they👏fucking👏are👏👏👏

We have hide bringing ghouls and humans together

And saiko is the first investigator to accept the idea of working with them

And these two, working together? both of them encouraging humans and ghouls to get along? I’m hyped for what the future holds with these two.


“If it’s for him”

I’m going to help too

Fav trio

They even have the same smile here!!!

(I think that’s the way Hide is smiling in my head at least…)


I am happy and can’t stay calm but wt!!!he is wearing a mask he has no mouth meaning his face is messed up!!he is probably not a GHOUL but then he is asking for Urie’s help so he would do something and look at all this??
Ishidaaaaa what you !! Ughhh I will leave it here



何より、カネキくんを救おうと、何年も潜伏してこの時を待っていたとか、本当に、本当に……( ;∀;)



I drew pictures until quite a pace! HIDE is “grown up"or"Baby Face”? I’ve been waiting for this to happen!I want that I save such in the clutch KANEKI,and to get well.I’m impressed by his action. HIDE My angel forever…(I am sorry that my English is so bad.)