nagachika hideyoshi

You burn so bright, I see stars
The way that you laugh, it’s like a heavenly choir
You made me feel invincible
When you’re with me, I can take on the world

Say my name, I’ll be there
I didn’t know, you should’ve said that you cared
It’s not too late for broken hearts
Take my hand, make a wish on a star

You were a comet and I lost it
Watching for comets, will I see you again?
Everybody needs someone but they can’t feel like this
How can I breathe with this burning in my chest?
You were gone so fast, I want you back
You were a comet and I lost it

Now I see you, I’m frozen in time
All your colors burst into life
I don’t dare close my eyes
Cause a love like this happens once in a lifetime

Skillet - watching for comets

Ishida walks into a bar. He sits in a stool next to Hide, Eto and Amon and orders a drink.  “You know what they say about cliffhangers?” he asks, once the silence becomes awkward. 

Hide shakes his head, expectant. 

Eto looks bored out of her mind but leans forward nonetheless. 

Amon positively bristles, looking as though he’s about to say something, but he’s holding back. 

Ishida takes a look at them, smiles and leaves the bar.