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what the hell? ishida just confirmed hide's death like it was nothing... i still shocked.

Wait wait wait. Calm down, anon. What happened? Where did he say that and what are Ishida Sui’s exact words? My dash hasn’t exploded yet, so I really have no idea what happened.


zodiac meme masterpost:
↳ ♈ Sasaki Haise /  ♉ Fueguchi Hinami /  ♊ Suzuya Juuzou / ♋ Kirishima Touka /  ♌ Nagachika Hideyoshi /  ♍ Takizawa Seidou /  ♎ Kamishiro Rize /  ♏ Kanae von Rosewald /  ♐  Kaneki Ken /  ♑ Yoshimura /  ♒  Nishio Nishiki / ♓  Tsukiyama Shuu 


Tokyo Ghoul || Anteiku Raid + Casualties
↳ The Owl Suppression Operation was a large scale operation conducted by CCG in the 20th Ward, targeting the Ghoul organization and coffee shop Anteiku. The battle resulted in heavy losses on both sides, with numerous Ghoul Investigators wounded or killed and a 99% eliminate rate of all Ghouls in the 20th Ward.


Kaneki… I knew. Yeah, I knew. This is lousy. Must not have been ready yet. Ugh… Sorry, Kaneki. This one`s lousy, too. I guess it couldn`t be that easy, huh? Oh, come to think of it, Kaneki, do you remember? That time I got the crap beaten out of me by Nishio-senpai? Yeah, to be honest, I thought I was dead. I tried playing dead to get through it, but that guy shows no mercy. Well, I guess it`s no use. Kaneki… Thanks for going all-out trying to save me back then. When I look at the folks in Anteiku, I thought, it sure is nice how they`re all so full of life, huh? And there you were, among them. It kind of felt like I was the only one being left out. And so I… I decided to do whatever I could. But with things finally ending up like this, there wasn`t anything I could do on my own, huh? Kaneki, don`t go taking all of this on yourself so much. That`s something you`ve always done. You know, Kaneki, you`ve gotten pretty famous. “Eyepatch,” they call you! You styling it up? I screwed up… just a little bit out there… Kaneki… Let`s go home. Let`s go home.