• Person: Nagas, such a noble and amazing race. They're so cunning, deceptive, and there's such a regal aura surrounding them
  • Naga BF: Honey I got myself stuck in your nephews slide
  • GF: Why are you out here it's freezing?
  • Naga BF: The slide has a tunnel and I wanted to peek inside.

YO IT’S Ya BOI, Creator! Here’s a useless doodle of a random Au of my characters (that is kinda badly drawn)
🔎Read Ch.1 Adam&Armileo?—>

Some Backstory, Armileo (snek boi) finds himself in another place and with his wounds catered to. Turns out it’s the Human (Adam) who decided to help him out despite almost getting attack by the beast!
Will there be a part 2? PFFFT! If people like it