Hey guys! I’m offering a different kind of commission at the moment. Icons. You can ask for white borders, no white borders, words or anything! The words on the icon can be determined by you, don’t leave it up to me or you end up with something irrelevant to you. Depending on how much extra little details (lots of words, borders, anything complicated) you want the price may go up like 3 USD at most. You’ll get them at like Idk most likely 500x500px, 100x100px, 75x75px, and 50x50px (last three for sure). This will be good for all the places you have an icon. 
It can be of YOUR FACE or a fictional characters face. You can be smiling. You can be frowning. You can be looking hyped up. It can be you dripping blood. Your fursona. You wearing a goggles you don’t own! With a cool hat! I don’t care (well if I care I’ll let you know)! Just email me (again nafleky @ with the references.
There are no official slots cause these get done pretty timely. If you would like another style of commission from me still e-mail me and hit me up, we will hash out the details and price.