Alright stay. You got my attention.
All my pain is bottled affection.
Okay I want it.
More than ever in them late night’s nd early mornings.
Tell me how it went so wrong,
Like an old Drake.
Why you stay away so long.
I know I seem silly but baby I’m grown.
For awhile I wondered what I did wrong for u to walk away without a Text or Call.
Thought you had your attention on an Ex or a chick at the Mall.
Found somebody..
Well at least I thought I did.
Never really liked him or the things he said.
All these other niggas want me, I don’t trust em though.
So I keep my eyes open and my legs closed.
And my heart? Yeah of course I had to lock it up.
Cause when it comes to that” love” thing I don’t gave a fuck.