Our nine months,

Brandon & I took a trip to Myrtle Beach for our 9 month “anniversary”. It was truly amazing, we stayed at his condo which is right off the water ( it was beautiful) we went on the town and ended up having pizza for dinner, the best pizza I’ve experienced might I add. When we got back we listened to music, watched a couple movies, and really just soaked in what it would be like when we get married. I even got him to watch “Say Yes To The Dress”. Anywho, we fell asleep together for the first time, when I woke up that morning this feeling of security came over me. Right then I knew more than ever that Brandon was my One & Only forever and always. When we came back home we didn’t even want to leave one another, it was so sad! I miss him already .. anywho, more pictures of the scenery & our experience coming soon!


My baby surprised me with a visit yesterday! I was soo happy, because I hadn’t seen him in over a month. It was el magico , Awwe I missed the love of my life soo veddy much! It was an Afternoon of Sensuality, we went to Sonic’s for Happy Hour, and took a nap together! It felt soo good being in his arms. I didn’t wan’t to him to go; I almost cried when he left. But I was happy to know that he is coming to see me on my birthday (April 9th) and he is taking me on a Shopping Spree! He’s the bestest boyfriend ever. I couldn’t ask for anyone !


New Video .. Brandon & I!