For ages now, I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about a presentation I went to on visual journals at the last NAEA convention.  The presentation was given by the fabulous Kit Grauer (professor of art education at UBC and my student teaching supervisor).  She provided a really useful list of visual journal-related websites.  These are some of them:

1. The 1000 Journals Project

This project is: “an ongoing collaborative experiment attempting to follow 1000 journals throughout their travels. The goal is to provide a method for interaction and shared creativity among friends and strangers."  The website provides images of journal pages and covers by people participating in the project.  There’s also a book out about the 1000 journals project. 

Kit provided a great suggestion for using this website for teaching, as part of a visual journaling project.  She asks her students to find pages from the site that they like, to print them off and glue them into their own journals, and to then do their next 3 entries in the same style as the pages they found.  She also asks them to deconstruct, in their journals, what it is that they like about the pages that they chose.

2. Journal Fodder Junkies

This blog offers prompts and techniques for visual journal creation.  They post prompts on themes such as my sanctuary, being present & being absent, and come out and play.

3. Artists’ Sketchbooks Online

Although this website is a bit confusing to navigate, it provides a pretty comprehensive listing of sketchbook pages that can be found online by a range of different artists, including William Kentridge, Marc Chagall, and Edward Hopper.  If you’re patient, you can sift through this site and find some gems.

4. Art Journal Every Day

This website documents one artist’s process of keeping a daily art journal.  Other artists get involved with the project from month to month (also keeping daily art journals), and she suggests weekly projects to inspire people’s journaling.  Links to participating artists’ websites and blogs where they document their own journaling processes can be found on this site.  It’s a cool project.

And for the sake of brevity, here are links to other online visual journal resources:

5. The Sketchbook Project

6. Moleskinerie

7. Sketchbooks in Schools

8. The Campaign for Drawing

A big thanks to Kit for compiling and sharing all of these resources!

Advertisement in the Western Arts Association Bulletin (November 1950)  for the 1st National Art Education Association Conference held in New York City, March 28-31, 1951 at the Hotel Statler.

NAEA Convention 2015 New Orleans

Are you going to be at the National Art Educators Association (NAEA) Convention in March? I will presenting a lecture. Here are the details


DAY: Thursday , 3/26/2015

TIME: 11:00 AM - 11:25 AM

Caucus on the Spiritual in Art Education Issues Group
Research Lecture

Convention Center/Meeting Room 203/Second Level

Constructing Narrative Through Illness
The body tells a story. Explore ways to visually represent what internally haunts the body during illness. Transform the way that art is used as healing in working groups.

Let's Co-Present at NAEA New Orleans!

Hey Art Education People:

Would any of you be interested in co-presenting with me at NAEA New Orleans 2015? I have a pretty cool idea for using Tumblr and thought it would be super awesome to have a group of us arted tumblr-ers present together. 

We can do it as a duo or a group. Just let me know either by replying or by message. 


Look for our booth at the Mean Green Fling on Tuesday!

The University of North Texas invites you to participate in the 15th Annual Mean Green Fling! Mean Green Fling is the event that kicks off the start of the school year! This back-to-school event will take place from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 27 at The Hill at Apogee. More than 36,000 students and their families are invited to attend the Mean Green Fling!

This past year, attendance reached nearly 8,000 students and parents! More than 400 student organizations will be invited to participate, along with university departments. This welcome-back event will feature free food, giveaways, live entertainment, and other activities!

“My art theme is bullying and how the internet controls you. I decided to choose a genie figure because most people say they always want genies but according to movies they regret that decision. I also chose to use #Facebook as my controller because it’s so renown and everyone usually checks Facebook on a daily basis. The people on the ropes are marionette puppets and they are supposed to represent the general public and how they mindlessly check Facebook.” Zachary R.

#Banksy inspired #graffitistencil artwork by my 8th Graders! Really really amazing ideas and art on such huge social and political topics, I’m proud of the results some of these were able to translate visually. #arted #artsed #arteducation #maea #massarted #naea #miscoeart #miscoehill @mendonuptonrsd #mursd @miscoe

Let's Get Ready to Conference!

I am so excited because in a scant 48 hours, I will be in San Diego at my first NAEA conference…At which, I will make two presentations.

My first conference experience will be on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. wherein I will make presentation #1. 

No pressure.

I would LOVE to meet some of my online buds. The details about them are below, and I would love to see you there. But, if you can’t make it, please drop by before/after and say, “Hey!" 

Presentation #1

Critical Multiculturalism through Student-Led Filmography

Saturday, Room 32 A/Upper Level, 9 a.m.

Presentation available here:

Handouts and presentation outline are here. 

Presentation #2

Collaborating to make Art Accessible for High and Low Budget Programs (co-presented w/Cheri Lloyd)

Saturday, Room 32 A/Upper Level, 2 p.m.

Presentation available here:

Handouts, presentation, and full lesson plans with visual and PowerPoints here. 

Hey yall! 

We are the Undergraduate Chapter of the National Art Educator’s Association at the University of North Texas. 

And we just got a Tumblr!  Come check it out!

 Things we will be posting/rebloging include:

  • Tales of other teachers experience in their classrooms
  • Ways to use Big Ideas in the classroom
  • Features and critiques on Contemporary artwork
  • Features and critiques on artwork by UNT students
  • Art Education focused inspirational posters
  • Quotes from famous artists
  • Articles about current Education theories or news stories
  • Videos/Quotes/Commentary displaying positive role model qualities on topics that effect students by celebraties and important persons they look up to
  • Promotions of Art and/or Education related events put on by UNT
  • Interesting project ideas that could be applied in the classroom
  • Instructional posts on various art techniques
  • Ideas and tips on making accommodations in the classroom
  • Resources one might use when creating lessons
  • And much much more!

   Art Educators should be well aware of the Naea website, or the National Art Educator Association. This site is full of valuable resources that cover everything from lesson plans, to suggestions to encourage how to be a strong Art advocate.  It is also a great place to find grants and job opportunities.  This will not only benefit art teachers, but all teachers!  Bringing in an art aspect into any type of classroom will create a well rounded and rich learning environment.  

    Teachers in Chicago should also be familiar with the CPS, or Chicago Public Schools website.  Being aware of the decisions and discussions that are taking place on the Board of Education will make any teacher well  informed on the concerns of the community and Parents as well as the Public School System.  It is important to stay informed, and attend meetings that are held throughout Chicago.  This is also a great site for parents and community members to have a strong communication line with their area schools.  

Hanoch Piven ❤️ #hanochpiven #selfportraits #upcycle #artiststudy #naea #napierartroom #mybestfriendisassharpasapencil #dianxbarcelona #barcelona #art #presidentsday #infinityforgirls #kidsclothing #recommendation #book #kidsfashion #woodyallen #hoboken #faces #inspiredbyhanochpiven #mylittleartist #iacdorchadash #jathofarastv3 #diy #upcycling #workshop #sva #fun #amazing #nyc

I recently read Hilary Inwood’s article “Shades of Green: Growing Environmentalism through Art Education” in the November 2010 edition of The Journal of the National Art Education Association.  She provides practical and specific approaches to eco-art education that both elementary and high school teachers can take in and outside of their classrooms:

Take your students outside to make art, use your local community as an exhibition site or for inspiration.  Explicitly teach and promote environmental concepts and values through your choice of themes, images, and locations; sometimes this is as simple as framing an existing lesson with the environment in mind.  Bring lots of examples of eco-art into your class via books or the Internet–websites such as Green Museum are an excellent resource.  If you have the budget, invite an environmental artist, musician, or dancer to collaborate with your class on an artistic project or event.  Most important, model green practices like the 3Rs and values such as respect and empathy for all life forms for your students, so they understand that your actions speak just as loud as your words (p. 38).

Inwood goes on to provide the following suggestions for teachers:

Organize eco-art exhibits in your school or at the local gallery and invite professional artists to exhibit alongside students’ work.  Link to community groups with similar interests, and create co-op placements for your students with them.  And encourage your students to use their artistic skills to engage in age-appropriate activism outside class–designing environmental posters, creating paintings for an eco-fundraiser, or installing biodegradable sculptures in the schools garden (p. 38).

(Above, are photographs I took in Taber, AB in December, capturing the limited but lovely prairie winter palette.)