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Tbqh, I can’t remember if I ever did a follow forever before, so here’s one now. ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚


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BLOGS I RECOMMEND (this is for all my fellow Cassies who have no idea who to follow anymore(there are some JYJ-TV2Q only blogs on the list, but I follow everyone who supports at least one of our 5 idols soooooo….))

 youknowhero dbshinki dbsk-sshi babyshim yunhojaejoong d-b-s-k d-b-s-g 0101elinatic 5redballoons 5redlights 4ktfe5 addictedtvxq aixcassiopeia aktfeathers allaboutdbsk allrisexiahtic alwaysasfive andromeda-db5k angel-xiah bangyourshinki boojae bornfreeyunjae breakin-myrulez casshawol505 imbreakingmyrulesagain cassieaktf cassiefiedbsk cassiopeia-to-bigeast changbooty changdeer changdoll chun-box chunpala cuteshinki dbsk-heaven dbsk-ing dbskthe1eternally derpshinki dong-bang-love eggselent eternalyunho fckyeahcassielf fiveintheice freakinlovefive fuckyeah-tvxqjyj-lyrics fuckyeah-tvxq-dbsk-jyj-songs fuckyeah-yoochun fuckyeahdongbangshinki fuckyeahjaejoong heroshinki herotics heymickymouse holyjaes ichigochunsa ilikejunsusbutt jaejoongfanboy jaejoongsexual jaelephy jejebae jessie-shim jjaejoongie ju–ng junsuchingu jyj jyj-from-tvfxq kjjejes laterie m-i-r-o-t-i-c maeriji memoriesof5 mi-ro-tic mjjaejae monochrome-shin-ki my-jaejoongie mysekushiboo nae-sesang ninetyninety-five onetimeskiss parkyoochunn pearlredballoon pearl-red-ocean pornshinki prettierthanfemalelead princeinprague rhinopillar rise-again-dbsk saramoonwolf sasomadb5k sexy-in-my-dna shinhwa-dbsk-forever shoyukoto slushyshinki stilltvxq suju-dbsk sujushinki db5k-cassie-w t-ofushinki the6002 theholyforehead this-feeling-wont-change thisfeeling-of-forever thskism tjvyxjq toho-fucking-shin-ki tohoshinkism tohoshinqui tohoz trustthem5 tv5xq tvxq-is-my-rising-sun tvxqt twinkleshim u-knowjaejoong unnamedsong waejoong wasurenaide wekeepthefaitheternally xiahshinki xiiah yhcm yunho-pression yunjaetime yunjaemrcn yuntime 

Hello, everyone! Happy Holidays! It’s already almost the end of the year… time goes by pretty fast, huh? I’ve reached thousands of followers, which I never thought I would have such a huge amount in the first place ;u; 

And since it’s the end of the year, it’s time for mminseok’s second annual follow forever! (Also I’ve posted this the same day as last year LOOL) Here is a list of magnificent blogs that stood out to me throughout the year; most included are my favorite blogs and awesome people that I’ve talked to this year. (: These blogs also filled my dashboard with lovely talents, taste, and fun this year and I really thank you all! 


aiixing, baekaid-o, baekhyun-ah, baekmaslights, blackpeurlchanyeol, chanyeolismysexualfantasy, chen-scheolyansdbskafied, doctor-kim-kaidongbangzilla, eskaimo, exolutely, exothebest


fingermebaekhyun, flawfreesuho, fyeah-ex0, greaseu, happyvirus, hoyaan, humanisedinfiniteinblacknwhite, infiniteu, jongin, jongins, jonginbells, joonmoans, junho, junsu-yah, junwoa, keuriseu, kimsuhornykim-minseok, krismehard


leuhans, lostinexo, luludeery, mariachiseoks, masturbaek, melonhun, mini-minseok, minseoked, minsoek, mnseok, nae-sesang, namnambunny, oh-luhans, oh-sehun, ohsehoon, pchyeol, pearlredballoonpinksabers 


seoulatte, seouleu, sooxiu,southkoreans, sushisaranghae, taecxing, takemetoseoulthreepiemtvxq-undyinglove, xingsters, xiurror, wonderwatermelon, wooyoung, wufabulous, xehunter, xiumania, yixiing, yoochunszhehun

Thanks again! Even though this edit shit is crappy af i’m sorry i’m not creative enough but here have my two faves lol

It was a bit of a challenge to add all the blogs that stood out to me. I’m a forgetful person and sometimes people change their url for the holidays, but don’t forget I still have a blogroll you can check out hehe

Happy new year, and I hope you all have a marvelous 2014! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*♥:・゚

From all our feelings the only one that is not really ours is the hope. The hope belongs to life, it is life defending itself…

Lulubaii second follow forever ♡ 201

This blog is 3 years old now, I want to thank all of you to make my day, every single day. Even if I don’t talk to you I want you to know that I do notice you. So if you feel lonely or bored or you just want to talk, I’m here for you 


163won88xo9205x97sooabeja-asesinaadore-a-xing,  ,  allonimammanynasserasslordavya7x, baekdumbb baehkhyunbaekhyunny4bambi-sen,  bangluhan,  bubbleteakpopbegyeolbeullaegnobabeyondtheonedaybyutaefulbaozihanc5ssiecandyixingcake-pervertcawcawcow, chanbmichandelyerchanpyonchanyowlcherriblossommmchibiyeolchunniesduckbuttcinnaminseok, creamyyixing,  cremehearts,  cuddlyxiumin,  cutiexiumin


dacraic0fdawndazedlu, dbsk–w–ot5deerlusionaldeertomyhan,

demonengdewusionaldimpeulz, doexokpop, dongbangaktf533doublekfightingduhreena, dyoso, escapxseoul,  exo-we-are-one exocruciatingexoiiexogirltao26universe, exmq, exoloverotp12,  exopanda-zitaoexothebest, exoticqueenxxfabuulayfantasticgirlwhocaresfeichang-ainiflawlesszitaoflowerboyhun fluttershoufriedchickenkaigaembellgoloveexo


hange-samahanfuckinggenghellolesbeauexohimenationhotguyobsessedhun4hanhuangmilktao, hyolynexo, hyxona,  iloveyoum0re ilykaiimatelekinetic,  itss-mee-trishaa-love, izyoi,  jininanajinoeljojehagjajonginsshiijounghoseokjunmomkkamjongdalsaekaepsonggskaihun-ismystyle94kaikimskaisshiikaisteriakaistrated, kbraomek, keailikesushikilluras, kimjongeverydae, kimchidreamskittypaenkpop-is-the-reason-i-breathekpop-therapy, kpopsexualgaytension, kpoplover1888kpopsexualgaytensionkrissingyeolkurosawa-reikyungninikyunqikyunxsoo


ladiibuaylemonkailuleuhanieslifeisn-tthatsweetlintuklisbethrguezz1, little-luhan-and-his-deer, linspiritslittledeerlandliving-for-exollama-l, llamaslikefood, lu-se-han-hunlubaekyeol, luhanslullabyluhndlunamja
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Let me know if you change your url so I can add you ღ 


Hellow ♥ This is fiveternal (◕‿◕✿)

I hope your 2013 is coming to a wonderful end >_< I always wanted to thank you guys for making my tumblr life so wonderful, and since today is 2013.12.26 the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of our so damn perfect liferuiners, I actually sat down and finally got to it! I tried to make it pretty but of course it’s nothing like other senpais’ ;u; omg pls teach me!!

Firstly, to all my followers..! Thank you for being my followers ^_^ ♥ I couldn’t blog as much these past months ╥_╥ but thank you for still following me! I appreciate each and every one of you who like, reblog posts and message me occasionally. You guys have made my fangirling life ever so enjoyable~ Please always feel welcome to talk to me, and really, I mean this! 

Now, to those I follow! I went through all of the blogs I’m following to make this FF and omg so many of you have stopped blogging ╥_╥; comeback!! Anyways, thank you for having such flawless blogs!! Maybe some of you have noticed already, but sometimes I go to some of your archives and just spend hours there >_<; Sorry for being a creeper but it’s your fault your blogs are so perfect!! And even if you’re not on this, please know that I love everyone I follow!!!♡♡♡♡♡

Below are some of the most amazing blogs/bloggers! 
+ hover over the urls for some hidden messages x_x

*bold = forever in love with 

031226aktf4ktfe5babyshimcassieaktf★  ★changdeerchesuyonchunporndbskies★ ★eggselenteukyangkyangingjjunchanjunxia★ ★kayayteearrkerryshinkilloveintheiceluvholicc★ ★madameshimmaxchangmeannae-sesangninetyninety-five★ ★princeinpragueshemchangminshoyukoto★ ★sunnyshinkisuteokkitepid-coffeethe6002★ ★tohopornoyunboobsyunhojaejoongyunhos★ ★yuntokkiiyoochunfyouknowmaximumvanitysixx



So i’ve been publishing edits daily for almost a year now and i wanted to thank all my followers that clicked on that small + button because of that. it means a lot to me! this year was quite unfortunate but it got better mainly because i got to know amazing people on here, so thaank you guys <3 I just wanted to share my current favourite blogs with you below this shitty edit, so that your dashboard will look just as great as mine /(^-^)/: 

a-g //  031226aktf4ktfe5c5ssiechangdeerchesuyonchibisuzchristmashinkidbsk-heaven dbsk-y, disvelocitiesdongbangsexualdumbandconfusedfiveternal

h-m // hobangjae, jaejoongsjijijaeroicjagga,  joongwonhi junxia-junxiu , justjunsu 

n-s // nae-sesangshemchangmin,  shimcharmingshim-jung-loveshimxiasrstvxq,  squishyyun 

t-z //  the6002theinspirationseekerthe-maxiasmtohoshinkou,  tohososhi , 
udon-changminvanitysixxwaewaewaewonderluust,  youknowmaximumyuntiger

thank you all for putting so much time and effort in your edits or spamming my dash with quality posts! i might have forgotten some other great blogs, so pleeease don’t be mad if i did >///<
i orginally wanted to do a vid and thank you personally but…/hides only if someone wants me to say something specific/runsoff


Hey Everyone!

This year on tumblr was quite short since I wasn’t as active as I used to be due to a knee surgery I had to get done and school keeping me busy ;_; But still I enjoyed having my blog and interacting with the people I listed on this lame ff. Every stated blog is amazing when it comes to their edits or mainly reblogging gorgeous posts. Some of them became close friends too (bold). Of course some are missing, but these are the cassies that I’ve been following from the start! I need to follow more tho, so if you could rec some, go ahead please n_n 
Wish you all the best for the upcoming year and that you can stick to your resolutions if you have any /(^-^)/ 

-Sarah /glomps

A-D: aktfeathers
/ asoulsearch / changdeer / chesuyon / chunpala 
        chunporn / c5ssie / chibisuz / dongbangsexual / dbsnk

E-M: fiveternal / hobangjae / itschangminnie / justjunsu             
         jaejoongsjiji / joongwonhi / junxia / jagga / madameshim

N-S: nae-sesang / positivecassiopeia / srstvxq / squishyyun
        shim-jung-love / stand-by-you-dbsk / shemchangmin 
T-Z: the6002 / tvfxqs / tohososhi / waewaewae / yhcm
        yuntiger / 4ktfe5