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Why don't we talk about Portugal more?

They decriminalized ALL drugs. Every single one. Yes, even that one. If you get caught w. more than a 10 days supply (what ever that means) of any drug you meet in front of a Doctor, Lawyer and Social worker about drug addiction. They may or may not give you a fine but essentially there’s no penalty.


Potugal has shown us that when we treat drug addiction as a medical/health issue, instead of a moral one, it is more efficient.


Between all the wedding planning, diaper changing and business duties, @daja-nae and @emmaxsteen decided to make some free space in their schedules to join me and Lemmy for a flea market trip today. <3 What was originally planned as a simple stroll through good old times and memories (cause flea markets always give you this kinda vibe, don’t they?), turned into a real shopping tour of buying all kinds of the nicest little goodies, so at the end of the day we wished we actually knew ourselves better to take a proper rucksack or bags with us to get all the stuff home. ;_; <3

I wish more people knew

That it’s okay to trust your instincts….

You don’t trust ‘Ol boy cuz something seems “off” about him? GOOD, THATS YOUR INNER BEING PICKING UP ON WHATS NOT RIGHT. LISTEN TO THE VOICE INSIDE YOUR HEAD.
That chick to the left giving you a bad vibe? GET AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE.
You don’t wanna be friends with somebody because something doesn’t feel right? They probably a snake STAY AWAY.
Going out tonight don’t sound like a good idea cuz you have “a funny feeling” STAY YO ASS IN THE HOUSE

Listen to the lil person in your head, they be looking out for you.

Got7 as shit my friends have said/texted
  • Bambam: I'm gonna whip to school, nae nae through life and dab to success
  • Mark: when I get a man imma snuggle the kpop out of 'em. You best believe that I will.
  • Jackson: you can never be TOO extra
  • JB: Don't make me slap the kpop trash out of you.
  • Jinyoung: just like your future, I'm dead inside.
  • Youngjae: EVERYONE LOVES ME. EVEN THOSE WHO HATE ME CANT HELP BUT LOVE ME, so why are you so God damn r00d huh?
  • Yugyeom: I'm a swaggalicious , bootylicious loser in a onesie
Everybody hates their body

Now when I say that I dont mean every person in the world hates their body I mean you can find pretty much anyone of any body type who doesn’t like SOMETHING about their body. I have a friend who’s body I admired for the longest because she was thicker than me had a bigger butt and her boobs were perkier. When all the while she thought my body was better because I have a smaller shape and bigger boobs. I find it hilarious how we literally envied the exact opposite of ourselves. My point is that you don’t get to decide who “should be happy with the way they look” because we ALL struggle to accept and love ourselves. Its easier to find beauty in others than in ourselves sometimes.
That being said:

Next time you hear a skinny/average girl complain about her body unless your complimenting her or helping with her problem area stfu. Don’t dismiss her feelings.

Next time you hear a curvy girl complain about her body unless you can help with her problem area or a compliment is leaving your lips keep your mouth closed. Dont dismiss her feelings.

Next time you hear a fat girl complaining about her body unless you got some tips to help her with her problem area or a compliment for her KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED. Dont dismiss her feelings.