wilted-wildflowxrs  asked:

((adore the kind asks omg)) ofc i'll choose stars for you ;) && I also love atoms, roses and forest 💕💕

ty nadya  ilyy <333333333333 and yaaaaaass theyre just the loveliest (like u ) 

stars: why are you glad your past happened the way it did?
thanks nadya 🌌 stars are my no.1 :“)) im really glad bc what’s happened to me has changed and made me the way I am now which isnt that bad and it also meant that I met you (which im so so thankful for) 💜

atoms: what’s one thing you love about yourself?
 i love me being in love with books

roses: who is somebody you love and/or appreciate?
 there’s innumerable people but one of them is you, I love you to the moon and back 🌚

forest: what’s something that makes you feel safe?
 my earphones can help block out the world but also give me some assurance, it’s a must have I take whenever I leave the house (and know I’ll be out) for more than an hour

kind asks