Riverdale Jackets by JuliestLove

I’ve lately been obsessed with Netflix’s new show - Riverdale, so I decided to recreate the jackets that the South Side Serpents wear!


  • You need to download the mesh by @savage-sims (the regular length jacket)
  • Two swatches: Used (for da boss) & New (for rookies)
  • Found in the ring category
  • You might need to turn off the Feminine/Masculine tag for it to show up
  • Enjoy ♥


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bad behavior // ch

ultimately inspired by The Maine’s new single, ‘Bad Behavior’ and a conversation between me and @kacieblogs

this was quick, it was choppy…enjoy?

I feel okay all over,
Void of all composure.

Quiet moments are rare.

Calum’s sprawled over the bed, socked feet just hanging over the edge. He’s visible just in the corner of the reflection of the mirror, head turned so his eyes can watch as you blend your foundation into place. There’s a stupid smirk stretched over his lips, one hand tucked beneath his head and the other resting on the bulge his mesh shorts do little to conceal.

Honestly, he should have been up ages ago. But the room is barely bathed in the light that slips through the crack in the curtains and there’s a hazy glow to bathroom lights you’ve yet to replace. Music hums along in the background, your phone still anchored to the wall by it’s charger, unable to get ready without something to bounce around to, but unwilling to let the battery drain before you’ve even stepped outside for the day.

You’re lining the bow of your lips just as you glance up, new tube of lipstick hanging between the grip of your fingers. Your eyes catch his in the reflection of the mirror; you’re standing there, only half of your lips filled in with color and looking kind of ridiculous, but you’re wrinkling your nose and smiling at him anyway. A final, somewhat sarcastic purse of your lips and you blow his reflection a kiss.

He thinks that the stupid jokes and the endless teasing he’ll have to endure when he slips in late to rehearsal is worth it.

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☆  4 Years of  CombTheCombel.Tumblr.Com!  

YO! Guess what? Yesterday this blog turned 4 years old! 

Man… has it really only been that long? Feels like i’ve been here for fuckin ages!

For real tho, these 4 years have been some of the best years of my life! Posting my art here and interacting with so many amazing people has been a blast! You guys have kept me so damn happy and really helped with boosting my self-esteem! I’ve made so many lovely friends thanks to this blog! 

I can’t thank you all enough! ^^

Oh, BTW!



I recently discovered the artist @aw0, and while I was scrolling through his stuff, his bunny OC Nadya caught my eye. Bunny ladies being my secret weakness and all (see: Toffee), I immediately decided I wanted to draw her myself, and so here we are. What can I say, Dude has some cute OCs.