in light of recently hitting 200k on facebook, i’ve decided to give out one of my personal edits i play in my live sets. been putting in serious time on new music, but in the meantime, enjoy this one.

AND go scoop that new Broke City EP from Nadus on Pelican Fly. One of my favorite EP’s of the year and it’s for a great cause. All proceeds and royalties from his EP will be donated to the Newark Boys Choral School…y-ep/id874933071



this is the playlist i made for walking around the city when i was in melbourne, just a mix of upbeat and melancholy stuff. probably more suited for a winter walk around big cities but it’s a pretty versatile little collection of songs really. hope you like it :)

(btw, photos on the cover are the melbourne skyline and collage of flowers from the renaissance exhibition i saw 1,2,3,4) (also this is dedicated to clay who’s had a lame birthday today and anyone else having a lame day too i guess) ☔️


Ouroboros - Airling
Midnight - Cosmic Sense
Speak With A Dofflin (Sable Remix) - Basenji
Habits Of My Heart (Sufjan Stevens Remake) - Jaymes Young
Ultraviolence - Lana Del Rey
Strawberry Skies - Games
Never Gonna Love Again - Lykke Li
Runnin’ - Kelis
Gullible Few - Dan Sultan
Always In My Head - Coldplay
Don’t Run - Mr Little Jeans
Subway - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Sad Machine - Porter Robinson
City Grrl - CSS
Nite Life (feat. Femme) - FTSE
Paradise (Setec Astronomy Remix) - Wild Nothing
Strong(er) (ZHU Remix) - London Grammar
Nxwxrk - Nadus
Superstar (Cosmo’s Midnight x Lido Remix) - AlunaGeorge
Down On My Luck - Vic Mensa
Sleep Powder - J.u.D.
Future Man - Tora
Let Me Down Gently - La Roux
Digital Love vs. Rhiannon - Daft Punk vs. Fleetwood Mac
Wrote A Song About You - MNEK

⛅️ click here or on the album art to download ☁️

mp3: Torro Torro - "Blue Blouse" (Nadus & DJ Ayres Remix)

Torro Torro - Blue Blouse (Nadus / DJ Ayres Remix) by T&ARecords

There’s like, A MILLION “Blue Blouse” remixes floating around SoundCloud right now and trust me, a lot of them are great quality.  Check them out.  But I’ve been waiting for a good club remix to surface.  Leave it to Nadus and Ayres to satisfy the hunger!  This club remix of Torro Torro’s electro-pop tune, “Blue Blouse” is full of chopped up vocals and subtle video game bleeps layered over an addictive club beat.  I’m all about it!

Nxwxrk - Nadus

Right now, one of the musical subgenres I look to for really good sounds is Jersey Club. It’s gotten pretty popular, so there’s a lot of kids producing and playing it who couldn’t be further from Jersey and the scene that grew the sound. That can be good and that can be bad. 

In part of the good, Jersey producer Nadus got picked up by Belgian record label Pelican Fly who released his Broke City EP in May. If you slept on it, that’s OK but I have to say it’s probably the best five tracks in a single release all year.

If you think that Jersey Club is all gunshot and bed squeak samples and so you’ve passed on listening to it — please take a deep breath and hit play on this track, because right away the piano melody will lead you into a bouncy, percussion-driven trip to Newark.

(This isn’t even my favorite track on the EP, but it’s damn good.)

Ynfynyt Scroll  "Let Me See It" EP

Download/stream: Bandcamp, BeatportiTunesSpotify

Release Date: April 30, 2012
Format: Digital/MP3
Catalog ID: FEEL003 

#FEELINGS is proud to bring you its third digital release: Ynfynyt Scroll’s “Let Me See It” EP. Drawing inspiration from the infectious, aggressive energy of ballroom, early-90s vogue house and tribal bass, the Dallas-based DJ/producer has crafted a stunning collection of Dramatic Club anthems that are strictly rhythm + verbal altercations over fashion + glamourous ladies & gentlemen + forceful and confusing sexuality. It’s the c-word and the f-word and the p-word and the b-word. Featuring remixes from bass purveyors Divoli S’vere & MikeQ, Nadus, Lōtic, Floyd Campbell, AiR DJ and Satanicpornocultshop, this EP is sure to establish Ynfynyt Scroll’s voice among the newest wave of forward-facing global dance music producers. #LETMESEEIT.

Track listing:

1. Let Me See It
2. Butch Queen
3. Work
5. Butch Queen (Lōtic Remix)
6. Butch Queen (AiR DJ Remix)
7. Let Me See It (Divoli S’vere & MikeQ Remix)
8. PSSY QUYNT (Nadus Remix)
9. Let Me See It (Floyd Campbell Remix)
10. Let Me See It (Satanicpornocultshop Remix)

+ Ynfynyt Scroll on Soundcloud, FacebookTwitter

Art/Design: Ynfynyt Scroll
Audio Mastering: Ben Aqua

Next release: Rabit “Terminator” EP
Previous release: Mama Testa “Globalized” EP

For those of you who don’t know, but Jersey’s been cultivated some heat as of late. One of the producers you need to keep your eyes on is Nadus, who’s gotten two solid looks on the super low this past week. As you should know, Nadus’ been killing it on the Jersey club scene, but from what we’re hearing in his new material, he’s got so much more up his sleeve. He has an EP, Broke City, forthcoming on Pelican Fly, and while we’re not sure if this was by design, Pelican Fly family DJ Slow and Sinjin Hawke both dropped new Nadus material in their latest mixes. And I don’t know about you, but my mind is blown.

There’s something about the evolution of sound that always kills me. Guys like Nadus have been murdering things and not getting proper recognition for a minute. We have a feeling that, after listening to these clips, he’ll stop being a slept-on producer and will truly be in that talk of the best doing it right now. While these clips aren’t the full tracks, you will understand why a) we’re thinking Nadus’ future will be bright and b) we’re not shocked that Pelican Fly snapped these tunes up. While everyone is hopping onto that Jersey club bandwagon, Nadus’ evolving that sound right before your eyes.