so my friend @thegirlwithmanynames had a beautiful headcanon and pestered me to post it:

please imagine Aziraphale and Crowley having VHS movie night before DVDs were a thing

imagine all the dumb 90’s movies they would have watched

imagine them finishing the movie and Az going to rewind the cassette when Crowley stops him

because Crowley (the shit that he is) has found an easy way to spread low-grade evil: not rewinding the VHS cassettes so as to frustrate the movie rental employee or next customer that has to rewind it all before it can be rewatched

and i added double low-grade evil points if the next customer sees some major spoiler while trying to rewind and has the entire movie ruined for them

Crowley, dear, is this what the Internet is being used for these days? “Blogging”? I’m afraid I don’t quite understand the point of it.

I don’t think there’s supposed to be much of a point to it. Looking around this blessed site turns up a bunch of photos of cats and posts about crying over fictional characters. Your guess is as good as mine angel.