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Pairing: Cormac McLaggen x Hermione Granger

Setting: Canon AU; no wizarding wars

Word Count: 1,828

Rating: light ‘M’ for brief, sexually explicit descriptions

Hermione Granger loses her virginity to Cormac McLaggen in a musty sixth floor broom closet when she’s seventeen years old.

It sort of…sets a precedent.

The strange thing is that she quite thoroughly loathes him.

He’s arrogant in a grating, bombastic way that makes her want to grit her teeth and stamp her feet and slap her hands over ears so she doesn’t have to listen to him drone on and on and on about the nineteen bedrooms in his family’s ancestral Highlands castle, or the time he’d gone fishing with his Uncle Angus and caught what they were both pretty sure was a at least one of Nessie’s second or maybe third cousins, I swear’, or how he’d been with ‘a lot of girls—like, a lot, y’know’ but he doesn’t think he’s ever seen a pair of breasts he likes quite so much as he likes hers and ‘yes, that’s as serious a declaration as it sounds, sweetheart, don’t you worry’

He’s horrible.

He’s wonderfully horrible.

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