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serious question for tonight. how do you do christmas shopping. i swear in all the years that i had to do it myself it felt like the biggest burden and the worst torture, i never know what to get people i love dearly and even if i do have a list i never seem to find anything. christmas gifting is seriously depressing to me. help.


nadia pym in the unstoppable wasp #002 (2017)

‘i’ll let you know when i become more interested in kissing someone than in quantum physics, okay?’


Breakfast at Littlest Sweet Shop by Nadia Michaux

anonymous asked:

! Could I ask for an old fashion Coffee Shop AU?

  • Avohkii always makes the coffee but never takes the orders or calls them out, much to Nadia’s annoyance
  • They do a lot of the baking as well
  • Nadia orders the same thing every time,  café au lait, and always sits in the corners of the shop
  • She notices Avohkii a few times when they’re working, finding it odd that she’s never seen them talking to anyone…
  • Nadia almost doesn’t notice the picture the first time they make one, a simple flower design. She catches Avohkii watching her when she takes a picture of it
  • The second one is the letter N, styled just like calligraphy
  • The next time she orders she mentions her favorite flower and watches as they decorate the top with a lavender stalk
  • It becomes a ritual, she mentions something she likes and watches as Avohkii recreates it as best they can. She has a picture of every single one
  • She mentions that she wishes she had Avohkii’s number so she can send them the pictures. Realization shocking Avohkii so much they almost spill the milk as Nadia chuckles. There’s no pretty picture that time, just very carefully written numbers
  • Her favorite is still the lavender stalk

The Unstoppable Wasp #7

Publisher: Marvel Comics
(W) Jeremy Whitley (A) Veronica Fish (CA) Elsa Charretier

• In the fallout from the attack on G.I.R.L. by the Red Room, lives and the future of the lab hang in the balance. Nadia is lost, drifting and unsure how to move forward. Now, there’s only one heroine who can save the day and that is…
•  THE WASP! Janet Van Dyne is on the scene to save the day. But the Red Room is not done yet. Can Janet take on the superhuman bounty hunters who have been contracted to retrieve Nadia and Ying?

In Shops: Jul 05, 2017


Miniature pretzel dogs by Nadia Michaux

✨🔮Iyana Headcanons🔮✨

☀️When Iyana divines, she channels the “voices” of the cards. So the tenor of her voice and her demeanor changes depending on the card drawn. When speaking as The Magician her voice is wistful and her eyes are bright. The Emperor is confident and stern and the regal air of her posture and voice intrigued Nadia. Although when the shop was broken into, Iyana couldn’t hear Death because Death’s voice comes as a whisper and in her panic/shock she couldn’t hear the card. The High Priestess is soprano and ethereal sounding.

☀️Iyana is a master charmer, she likes to place tiny spells on everything. Charms to remember where you last stopped reading on a book, or socks that stay dry/warm etc. her clothes and satchel are charmed/enchanted which is why losing her card made her so angry.

☀️Iyana was skeptical about helping the Countess, after all what good would a simple magician be in finding the Count’s murderer? But she begrudgingly went to the palace, believing it better to go voluntarily rather than being retrieved by the palace guard. Though she refuses to formally accept the Countess’ proposal and finds every chance to be defiant, especially when it comes to her attire. Her clothes are unique and well… hers, she doesn’t particularly like being asked to wear something different.

☀️Iyana has a way with animals and is often greeted by wild animals and the like. Her familiar Ahn is very protective and clingy so you’ll rarely see Iyana without him sitting on her shoulder or atop her head. When she’s going out or meeting with the Countess, he usually curls up into her satchel.

☀️Iyana is phobic of fire and with Asra’s teachings and support she’s at the point where small candles and lanterns are not a bother, but large flames, fireplaces, bonfires etc. are still intolerable.

☀️Asra gave Ahn to Iyana not too long after they first met. He felt terrible leaving her alone so often so he found her some company :) She was a bit off-puttish towards Asra at first because of everything she had been through in her childhood but slowly she warmed up to him. Gifting Ahn to her was definitely a step in the right direction.

☀️Iyana likes to do little magic shows and tell fortunes for children in the market and then treats them all to bread and sweets from the baker. She often gets roped into a huge game of hide and seek in the market place and uses a touch of magic to find the children if the game goes on too long.

☀️She’s very skilled in alchemy and medicine-making in legacy of her parents and tends to be sought out for simple herbs and concoctions. She’s not a doctor but she can easily whip up a spell to ease arthritis or lower fevers.

☀️She had actually met Julian once, long before he was a wanted man. While Asra was away on one of his journeys, she sought him out in hopes he would have some medical insight to ease the stress of her illness, but there was little he could do so they spent most of the visit exchanging theories on cures and treatments so common illnesses like colds and headaches. She gave him tips on how to help patients suffering from nightmares, anxiety and all sorts of “unseen” ailments while he shared his knowledge of substitute ingredients for medicines and remedies and other bedside manner.

☀️Once every season, Asra and Iyana have a little festival of sorts at the magic shop. Everyone’s invited to have their fortune told free of charge and watch a magic show. Asra plays music and Iyana dances, which of course he eventually abandons his instrument to dance along with her and everyone else (he puts a spell on it so that it still plays).


Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set after 2.16, AU from there
Genre: Angst with a smutty ending.
Rating: M

A/N: This is another result of when @allenting and I have night (well it’s night here) brain-stormings. Unbetad, so all the misplaced commas are mine. But I just wanted to get this to you as soon as I could so here it is.

Title comes from the song by OneRepublic, and I recommend listening it while reading, because I basically had it on repeat while I wrote it.

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