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nadia pym in the unstoppable wasp #002 (2017)

‘i’ll let you know when i become more interested in kissing someone than in quantum physics, okay?’


Breakfast at Littlest Sweet Shop by Nadia Michaux

I own two pairs of shoes but one pair has basically fallen apart. Mum said I should get another pair of shoes with my birthday money and I can kind of see her point. But they are sold out of the identical ones I have now, so I have to choose whether to get a different colour in that model, or just a totally different pair of shoes in that brand. This is too hard.

anonymous asked:

How did you get Nadia to work at a coffee shop?? Do you cheat her money every time she sells her body pretending they paid her? Does Nadia actually get money working at the coffee shop?

No, Nadia has like… unlimited money because it’s for story telling. She doesn’;t even work there. It’s a cafe lot and I just teleported them all onto the lot XD I hope that makes sense! Have a great day


Miniature pretzel dogs by Nadia Michaux