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so if i had a chance to choose, the things i’d change- the me i’d lose to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

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Oh cool!  I was hoping for at least one ship outside of The Glee Project fandom last week.  This is so much easier with fictional characters…


  • They’re already roommates.  One of the biggest reasons long-term couples break up is because they realize they can’t live with each other/adjust to the other’s personal habits.  But Jason and Peter have already been roommates in high school for four years, so they wouldn’t really have to get used to much adjusting.
  • Nadia and Lucas ship it.  'Nuff said.  Their ship name could be freaking JETER.  That’s the most awesome ship name ever.  Plus, Jeter is a baseball player on the best team ever, and Jason used to play baseball and he already has the bat in his pants!
  • I fucking hate Ivy and she doesn’t get to have Jason.
  • Jason is Romeo.  In another dimension Matt Doyle is Juliet.  Connect the pieces, yo.
  • They’re really cute together, thus giving me major feelz.
  • (If Jason lived) Ivy’s baby could be able to watch Jeter’s relationship growing up.
  • Jason’s, y'know, dead.  I mean, I ship them until the end of time, but nobody can help that Jason pulls a real-life Romeo in the end….
  • Peter’s mom.  I’m sure she’d eventually come around, as it does seem like she really does care for her son more than religious stereotypes, but in the beginning things would be rough.
  • Jason’s parents.  We never meet them, but if Jason is really terrified that his father would beat him up/disown him for just being gay, there must be a problem.  And even Nadia thinks they have shit parents…I agree…
  • Unfortunately, and I really hate to say this, their religion.  Not all Catholics are going to be as open and understanding as Sister Chantelle (and myself :P).  I hope that some day more Catholics will learn to not be prejudice against gay people, but Bare takes place in this time period.  But man, if I was ever at Sunday mass and saw a gay couple walk in holding hands I would literally stand up and applaud and all that nice stuff.

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Can you write a story about Jason talking to Nadia about a "girl he likes".

Jason knocked on Nadia’s door nervously. He needed to tell her something, right? The door swung open “Jason, what brings you down here?” She asked surprised to see her brother paying a visit. “Uhh i need to talk to you about something. You got a minute?” He asked half hoping shed say no and he would go back to his dorm. “Well, i was in the middle of studying” She began and Jason became hopeful that he could just turn around and never speak of this again. “But its so boring, im game for a break” She said with a laugh “Come in” She said and went to go put her books away. “Thanks” he said awkwardly and entered the room. “So, what do you need?” She asked and sat down on her bed. Jason followed her lead and sat down on Ivy’s bed. “Uhh well ummm theres this uhh… girl” He started unsure of where this was going. Nadia raised an eyebrow at him “Its not Ivy right?” She asked, which made Jason laugh. He hadnt been expecting that answer. “No, its not Ivy” He replied. “Good. So who is it?” She asked. Jason froze. He hadnt thought of anyone who he could cover with. “Uhhh well id prefer not to say. Yanno we’re on the down low” He said with a small nervous laugh. “Okaay” She said urging him on, intrigued. “And well i really like.. her.. and uhh i wanted you to know.” He said studying her reaction. She grinned at him “Jasie’s got a girlfriend” she began to chant laughing. Jason laughed too. “And are you telling me this because you LOOOOOOOVE her” She continued giggling. Jason hung his head with a small smile. When Nadia saw his reaction she calmed down “Shit, you love her dont you. Oh my god, youre in love!” She said grinning at him. She looked at him seriously “So you think shes the one youre gonna marry?” She asked. Jaosn looked up at her and shrugged “Well, i dont think the church would like it much” He said truthfully. She looked confused “Jase, this is a Catholic school filled with CATHOLIC people. Im sure the church will accept it.” She laughed, then she stopped “Wait, is it one of the teachers? I mean ive heard the boys talking about Sister Joan but i didnt think-” She was cut off by Jason “No, no, no, its a student. Its just uhhh…. she isnt that religious and is thinking of converting to Buddism” He said hoping she bought it. “Oh, well im sure the church’ll survive. But if you really love her and if one of you is okay with raising your kids the other’s religion, which Mom and Dad will hate but theyll get over it, then i dont see whats stopping you.”  She said supportively. Jason smiled at her, Nadia was such a good sister. He hoped she’d stay that way when he had to tell her it wasnt a girl but a boy. “But what do i say to Mom and Dad?” He said nervously. She shrugged “Tell them that you love her and nothing will change that and if they cant accept that then they’ll have to accept their lives without you. But ill still be there. I want to see your half Buddist babies” She laughed and Jason beamed at her “Nadia, thanks for being so cool with this” He said to her. She waved her hand dismissively “Hey, we cant help who we fall for” She said with an encouraging smile. “Now get out of my room before I puke from all the love” She grinned. Jason laughed and gave her a hug “I love you Nadia” He said “Love you too, Bro” She said back

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Ooc: Dearest Bare fandom, I can’t be the only roleplayer out there. Someone should make Peter some friends to play with. Maybe a Jason for some AU feels and what not? Please? I refuse to believe no one out there wants to play these characters, ESPECIALLY since the show just closed a little under a month ago.


Some late night extremely rough male!Nadia cosplay.

I modeled the outfit off of this one:

The clothing in my pictures are the single cardigan that I own paired with the single pair of plaid pants that I own. So I obviously didn’t really have much in the way of options, but an idea struck me and it cheered me up when I really needed it and that’s what counts.

Please ignore my sister’s bed and wall in the background and don’t judge too harshly.

Party favors anyone?