nadia i love you


so, i came here because i’m forming a lab of girl geniuses. 

what’s it called? 

genius in action research labs. g.i.r.l. for short.


The Other Side - the spin off

Strange Friction

Pairing: Regulus Black x Lily Evans

AU: canon, Marauders-era AU

Word Count: 812

Written For: gueneviere-fics [because she completed a ritualistic writer’s block-crushing fire sacrifice for me, obv] + muclbloods [because she went back to school today and i love her eternally, also obv??] 

Lily has a secret.

Well, it’s less of a secret than it is a particularly unexpected hiding place, but it still counts, she thinks, because sometimes—sometimes, the Gryffindor common room is too loud, and the Hogwarts library is too stuffy, and the rest of the castle—the sweeping lawns and the crystal windows and the looming towers, the age-worn nooks and the centuries-old crannies—sometimes, it’s just all too magical.

And she loves magic, she does, she loves how it swirls and sings and saturates her blood with the loveliest, most extraordinary sense of warmth, how it fizzles and fits so seamlessly under the surface of her skin—but she also loves her family, her past, her sister, and Lily has never quite been able to forget that magic, magic, magic is the sole, bitterly inescapable reason that Petunia no longer loves her back.

Lily suspects that’ll always sting a bit.

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i broke down crying

stefan wanted katherine to die in peace so he erased her awful memory and gave her a new one, which was happy and full of light

damon on the other hand fucked with her until the very end

if you still have the nerve to say that damon is a better person than stefan then kindly just fuck off

oh and YOU GO NADIA! god i love her. she snapped damon’s neck and my face almost broke after so much laughing and smiling

I have woken up in the middle of the night, in the middle of a dream, just to check on my phone to see if I miss any messages or calls from you.
—  Nadia Deaanne (22nd August 2015)

Let me show you what your life should’ve been.What your perfect day would have been like.You and I had a little cottage. It was an ordinary summer day. You had been playing outside so you were tired and it was time for bed. You told me about the fort that you had built out in the woods by the river. So I asked if I could visit and you said when the sun came up in the morning, and I said.. goodnight Nadia, sleep well.Your mother loves you.