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Roman Godfrey x Reader

Word count: 1467

Roman opens up to Y/N

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“ Ah,ah, ah “ Y/N took the cigarette from Roman’s lips and shut it off in his drink. Roman sighed. “You know the rules, no smoking when Nadia is around, she’s a baby Roman, your baby.” He rolled his eyes, but he knew she was right. Every time he wanted to smoke  and Nadia was around he would go to another room or outside, but sometimes he just forgot the “not smoking in front of Nadia rule”, and this was one of those times.

“She’s an upir baby…and it was really necessarily to shut it off in my drink? ” He looked down at his drink, he would take the cigarette out of there and keep drinking, but he knew it would disgust Y/N more than it would disgust himself  .Y/N moved around the kitchen with Nadia in her arms, looking for her food, she found it, it was on the top place, where she could not reach it. She let Nadia on her chair and stood on her tip toes trying to get the baby’s food.

“Yes, well she’s still a baby. Upir or  not we have to take care of her. Umm…Roman, could you please take the baby’s food, I cannot reach it.”  It annoyed Y/N every time that Roman put the things out of her reach knowing that she would struggle with it and he would be the only one that could get them. She was not a short person, Roman was just a giant.

“What would you do without me?” He smirked getting up from the couch and going to help Y/N.

“I think the question is what would Roman Godfrey do without me? Like seriously, I help you with Nadia, I love her like she was my own.” She looked down at the smiling baby in the chair. 

In a short time Roman was beside her, towering over her with Nadia’s food in his hand. His eyes were on her, without taking his green eyes of her he let the food on the kitchen counter.His body moved closer to hers and his arms went around her waist, making the space between the two of them practically non existent.

“ You are right, I’d be lost without you and Nadia too. I want you to know that I’m really grateful, not just for helping me out, but for being in my life.” His voice came out a whisper. She just stood there, between his arms, feeling home, with a smile on her features.

Roman gave her a quick kiss on the lips, knowing that every time he and Y/N kissed in front of Nadia she would start making noise for them to get away from each other and pay attention to her. Even though it was a short kiss, Nadia started mumbling, making the two of them look at her.

“Ok,ok, I’ll get away from her, she’s all yours Nadia.” Y/N laughed at his words. Roman went to his daughter and picked her up. “At least till you go to sleep.” He winked at Y/N, making her soft cheeks redden.

“ Wich by the way should have been fifteen minutes ago.”She took the little girl from her comfortable dad’s arms and the baby whined “Alright Naida, I’ll let you with your father, he’s the one that’s going to take care of you tonight…” she started walking backwards slowly” and I’m going to take a very relaxing bath.”And she ran up stairs before  Roman could complain.

“It looks that is just you and me tonight.” Roman kissed his daughters cheek earning a smile from the little one.

He gave one last smoke to the cigarette at the hearing of the bathroom door opening,after a few seconds she was in their room, wearing just one of his t-shirts as pajama. She always said that his clothes were the best as pajamas for her. His beautiful green eyes were on her every move.

Roman loved everything about her, from the way she titled her head to the right when she was confused to the beautiful and awkward sound of her laugh.

“How was your very relaxing bath?” Y/N opened one of the drawers and pulled out a pair of black socks, her feet were always so cold.

“Mhm…how could I say it?…Very relaxing.” The bed sunk down a little by the weight of her body, Roman´s head turned to her, she was giving him the back.”How was it with Nadia?” quickly she put the socks on and before she could lay down on the bed, Roman had already his arms wrapped around her and his head resting on her shoulder.

“Good, she fell asleep really quick, I should spend more time with her.” Y/N looked over her shoulder, encountering the boy’s beautiful features.

“Yes you should, you are her dad after all.” Her lips went to his nose and kissed the top of it. “Now, would you please let go of me for a little bit, so I can get in bed properly?” Roman unwrapped his arms from Y/N’s body, moving to his side of the bed.Even tough the right side was his side of the bed, when it came to sleeping he would always sleep as close as possible to her, always wanting to have her between his arms. Even when they argued and went to bed giving the backs to each other, he would eventually get close to her and hug her or wake up having her between his arms. It was just impossible for him to get away from her, he needed her so much, in much more than one way.

“C’me here.” Y/N listened to Roman and sat on his lap. Automatically his hands went to her figure, making sure to feel her every curve. “ You know I really meant it, what I said before. I’m really grateful for you…God you and Nadia are the best things in my life, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you two.”the tears started falling from her eyes, they were not of sadness,they were of joy, happiness.She just kept quiet listening to his words. “You have been by my side from the beginning, trough everything, every damn thing I’ve done, good or bad, you’ve been there. And I know I’m a fucking pain in the ass most of the time…” a little smile formed on her face, Roman’s eyes were focused on her. “And I know it’s not easy to deal with me, with my life, with Nadia, especially since you are not her mother, but I’m telling you, when she grows up she will call you mom.”

“Roman no-” But her words were cut off by him.

“We both know you are not her biological mother, but you are the mother that she knows, the one that’s raising her, the one that loves and cares for her.” He hold Y/N face between his hands, taking some of the tears off with his thumb.”I’m so fucking grateful and happy for having you in my life. I’m gonna tell you something, this…treatment thing I’m doing to be human again it’s not just because I hate being this thing, being like Olivia,” his voice always filled with anger when it came to his mother, if he could even call her that “it’s also because I could not bear my life without you, not now, not tomorrow, not ever.” Her eyes met with his, unable to say a word, not knowing how to express herself. Y/N took Roman’s hand in hers and guided it to her chest, were her heart was.

“This, this is yours Roman, it will always be, it always has and I promise I will never leave you or Nadia, never. You mean too much to me to do such a thing.” Her forehead rested on his.

“Have I ever told you I love you?” Roman left a trail of kisses from her cheek to her neck.

“A few times.” She answered.

“Well…it’s true, I love you.” His lips now on hers.

“I love you too, Roman.” The kiss started being a more passionate one. Just when Roman started getting his hands under her shirt, caressing the skin under it, Nadia’s cries stopped them.

“I swear she sometimes somehow knows what we are doing and does this on propose.” Roman  groaned, earning a laugh from the girl, that got off him to let him go to his daughter’s room. A few minutes after Roman entered the room wit a red faced Nadia in his arms.

“Hey baby!” Nadia put her arms out for Y/N to pick her, Roman carefully let the little girl in her arms. “I think she should sleep with us tonight.” Nadia rested her head in Y/N’s chest, her eyes closed and soon after she was asleep, laying between Y/N’s arms, while Roman hugged them both, in a protecting way, in a loving way.

Just him and his two favorite girls, he could not ask for something better.