nadia arwall

♥ *gucci mane voice* burr.

*walks in thru a beaded curtain.*

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NAME: *britney spears voice* it’s RAVEN, bitch !!!
NICKNAME: *janet jackson voice* but rae if ur nasty.,,,
AGE: old enough to be part of the ( dic owned ) sailor moon fanclub in the 90s before they dissolved it and the phone number to join redirected you on a phone sex hotline which probably scarred a lot of kids like me. no seriously i was like 8 years old, all i wanted was to help sign a friend up and that’s what happened.
FACE CLAIM: nadia la arwall from nadia: secret of the blue water. old gainax anime. really good. get into that sh*t.
PRONOUNS: everything. including ho ( im nb/two-spirit, wassup. )
HEIGHT: 5'6″ or so.
BIRTHDAY: december 24th.

AESTHETIC: vintage blouses with chunky, crazy patterns that mimic versace’s aesthetic. dark, matte lipsticks. chokers. painted nails. carefree black girl curls. vaporwave and witch house vomited all over my being. a combination of dark elements and brightness. hoop earrings. killer queen perfume. platform shoes. high heels with tracksuits. rose gold. black. burgundy. purple. sheet masks and argan oil bottles.

LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: princess nokia / ❝BITCH, I’M POSH.❞  one of yilun’s theme songs, tbh.

FAVORITE MUSE(S) YOU’VE WRITTEN: this ‘ole gal, i’ve had her on tumblr since 'bout 2013. took a lot of breaks, but she’s evolved to be one face stomping baddie. she’s been through some shit. shooting dudes in the kneecaps, accidentally hitting her friend with a car ( dont worry he lived ) and throwing the craziest parties. also i have a deep affection for my other bby virote on my revivalisms account! he’s just so strange but he’s a nice boi. those two are day and night. i have other muses from over the years, but i don’t wanna step in THAT ocean.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO TAKE ON YOUR CURRENT MUSE ( THAT YOU ARE POSTING THIS ON ): honestly? idk. i was really bored. i stopped rping for a hot minute, and then i was back on my bullshit.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE ASPECTS OF YOUR CURRENT MUSE: this woman does not have a single fuck to give. not one. what she says, she means. ISAIDWHATISAID-NENE.GIF. yilun does not let anyone speak over her, take advantage of whatever kindness she may display, or talk down on her. even if she doesn’t say anything at the moment, she’s plotting to fuck with you later. she’s self made, rough around the edges, but there’s something about her that’s still a little soft. she has a need to take care of those weaker than her, a lot of the time. total mama bear type. love her. she’s just cool as hell. kind and sweet when you find her heart under a pile of designer bags. forreal, i’m not tryna brag. but she has a lot of dimensions.

also, she’s confident. may come off as arrogant. i know a lot of people like to trope characters with a lot of ego as secretly insecure, but there is nothing secretly insecure about this one. she knows she’s the shit and she will tell the whole world what she’s all about. she’s all about wearing mini skirts, eating soup dumplings, and giving firm advice. all while loving herself, yas gawd??? she’s lovely.

oh amazing mom. loves her baby with all her heart.

WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST INSPIRATION WHEN IT COMES TO WRITING: i listen to a lot of music from certain subcultures. like disco, house, post-funk, etc etc. i look at those old soul train dancers and vogue dancers from all the eras and i see these people strut with so much confidence. they dip and spin and strut and look BEAUTIFUL while doing it. esp drag queens. being someone with relatives that also participated in the drag/ball culture from back in the day, i really wanted to emulate that.

also, i like to watch terrible television. TERRIBLE. you know those old shows like flavor of love? charm school? all that shit on vh1? those catty ass women that were out to get everyone are so inspirational to this muse. pop culture, in general. i just love pop culture.

and prince.

love prince.

his whole 'i’m a gift to planet earth’ personality was my favorite r.i.p. purple rain god. idk. i get inspiration from so many sources. the mystique of 90s models, comedy shows, people i’ve met in my life. just a whole lotta shit. i have other inspirations for my other muse, of course.

FAVORITE TYPES OF THREADS: i’m not sure, at the moment. i don’t get to use yilun much these days! i’m down with whatever.