nadia and aidan


This is the story about a pair of twins, Nadia and Aidan. They love their parents, love their school, and feel completely and utterly valued and respected. They know nothing about adult things like identity, and do not spend even a minute crying alone in their bedrooms, wondering what it would be like to be happy about living someday. Not a minute.


So all of my characters have two main classes, one they start with and one they earn.


Amell starts with the class of arcane warrior, it’s been in his blood since his magic manifested

He ends with the class of ‘survivor’, able to pick up any weapon and use it to any possibility

Remi Cousland

Remi starts out as a little brother, a youngest son, and has very powerful stealth. Why try to stand out when you are never seen.

He ends on having the class of a bard, learnt from leliana. He turns his back on his past, and he can make himself known.

Nadia Brosca

Nadia spent her life scrounging in the gutters, she may not be able to speak but her hearing and sight are uncanny. She starts off with nothing, just two daggers and a sister to protect.

After coming into the wealthy hands of the royalty, she has access to all manner of resources. She may not be a fighter, but she is one of the most powerful artificers ever known.

Avi Hawke

Avi starts with the the class ‘Shadow’ able to move fast and sure through any situation

He ends with, thanks to tallis, upgrading his shadow abilities to the class of infiltrator.

Aadam Trevelyan

Aadam is young, and he’s clever. Mandatory shield training be damned. He is charismatic, goofy and an amazing templar archer.

Due to the loss of his leg aadam doesn’t fight unless on horseback. However he is a powerful advisor and he has dual command, accompanied by his wife, of the seekers of truth.

Aidan Trevelyan

Aidan’s father was an avvar mage, and under possession when he was convinced. This gave him insane abilities of persuasion and control.

Aidan has completely gained control of his natural skill. He may not be in much fighting shape due to the loss of his writing hand but he is a master of persuasion and interigation.



This took me about 7 straight hours of drawing. I know Scarfy’s mod has done similar things, but goddamn I wanted to unexpectedly draw as many OCs of relatively active blogs (that I didn’t have to dig for, haha) as I could. Sorry that the heads gradually get bigger; I didn’t mean for it to happen.


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Thank you all for being such an awesome community, and my apologies for not drawing you if you weren’t included.

Stay awesome everyone!!))