nadi fiji


After a day of relaxing and sun bathing I found myself showered and full from dinner, ready to hangout in the cafe for a while and wind down for the evening. There was a performance going on with fire dancers on the beach. The first half of their performance was really cheesy and I was disappointed to be watching it honestly because I felt like it was just half assed and the dancers looked bored. When they got to the actual fire dancing it got a lot more interesting and I was in awe of how good they were. I went back to the hostel afterwards and found myself with some new friends smoking some Fijian ganja (only a little of course). It was nice and relaxing. I laid under the stars on the beach and tried to look for a shooting star but failed to find one. After realizing how tired I was I walked back to the dorms to pass out and right as I was turning the light off someone walked in. I didn’t want to be rude so I just figured I could lay and read for a while until the guy in the dorm was either laying in bed or out for the night. I am so used to passing out with the lights on anyways at this point that I would definitely allow myself to just read until I was asleep, lights on or off. It was after about 10 pages and some rustling around from my dorm mate that I heard the chopping begin. I was confused but too lazy and Stoney to lift my head and see what he was doing. Finally curiosity got the best of me and I lifted my head and realized he was chopping a huge pineapple on his bed. So I did what any sensible person would do, asked him for a slice and where he got the pineapple, because obviously I wanted to go get one for myself in the morning. I was bummed to hear he had to travel kinda far into town to get it but was happy with the sweet taste of pineapple in my mouth and the aftertaste lingering as I drifted off into sleep. I slept so good that night, only waking twice to go pee (which is good for being 6 months pregnant). I had dreams of needing to lock up my belongings and in the morning I decided to listen to that dream and get a locker. Not that I have anything valuable besides my broken camera that im hoping someone can fix back in the states but I figured if I was dreaming about it, it was probably for a reason. Namaste.


My first real day in Fiji was well spent relaxing at the beach and settling into a new place and a new slice of paradise. It is absolutely breathtaking here. I have been lying on the beach most of the day with some swimming and pool time included into the day. It has been so nice to just kick back and enjoy the beautiful scenery. And the Fijians are so nice! That is a huge plus. It ended with a pizza by the sunset and some Kava which is a calming drink that everyone on the island drinks. I was listening to some of the staff members belt out songs on their guitar while sitting in a circle around a fire and they were really good singers. It was a good way to end a relaxing day. Namaste.


My mom came into Fiji and I am so excited! It was so great to see a familiar face after months of traveling solo and even though I was always around people and making new friends it was refreshing to see someone who knew me from back home. She came to my hostel early in the morning and we drank some coffee and drove down to Coral Coast where we checked into a hotel. It has been so different being here the past two days and not having the dorms but I have to admit sleeping on a regular bed and not a bunk bed has been nice! I really popped this past week 24-25 was a huge week for me, literally. My belly feels like it’s just gigantic and it made me hungry the entire week and also really tired. I have also been noticing an increase in my discomfort as well when it comes to just simply moving around. With the belly on me now it feels like I’m definitely traveling for two so choosing fiji to end my trip was the perfect decision considering how laid back and relaxing it is here. We are right across the street from a huge fancy hotel that’s literally on its own island. But damn, the water here at coral coast is just as blue as blue could be and crystal clear! White sandy beaches and lots of tropical fish were to beautiful to see snorkeling with my mom. It’s such a paradise here and just breathtaking. The electric blue fish and leopard fish are my favorite and I even got to see an eel while snorkeling with amazing patterns on him. It is a dream to be here and enjoying the beauty with someone from my home is great. Despite feeling like a whale I’m glad to be here and be with my little Bodhi every step of the way. Namaste.