nadezhda vasile


So, I finally gathered the courage I needed to do this o___o’…

I had in mind to change and define Istaaz tattoos pattern since the first time I decided she was going to have them, but guess what? I was so lazy I ended up drawing the temporary ones over and over until they became the “definitive” ones, even though I never liked them very much.

Now, I kinda realized that I can do whatever I want with her tattoo designs, so I decided that I was finally going to change them, no matter how many times they had been drawn already U___U

I always wanted to get rid of those leaf/tendril-like patterns, and I definitively wanted her shoulders and arms to be clean, but mostly, I wanted her tattoos to look more like the Indian mehndi I love so much and I was first inspired by….
Now, I can say I have all of this :D

So, after three months I remembered I had this page still half done and finally finished it… too bad that in the meantime I forgot all the light sources I was not using, so I kindamade everything random… also, I had the brilliant idea to not stick with the same media I used in the first two panels, and switched from black watercolour to grey ecoline. It’s cooler. But now the page is also a freaking patchwork. Nevermind.
I also forgot that I already had the balloons, lettering and pagination already done, so I did them all over again.
Memo: I shall never again leave unfinished pages for more than a week.

Heading to bed, so I’ll leave you with this, just in case someone was missing Vehnas…
still working on and off on the Inavesu book, so I thought I may as well introduce this match made in… uhm… heaven… kinda.

Vehnas and Elias (yeah, when I decided their names ages ago I didn’t realize how horrible they sounded near eachother :°D)
I have a story to go with this, because really, Elias has a part in the whole plot even if I ignore him on regular basis :°°DD… but I’ll tell you later… maybe.