The wonderful, sweet, and amazing moms of magical girls/magical boys who are also kinda dead or like in spirit form IDK how this magical life/death stuff works in cartoon/anime

  • Nadeshiko: Looks like Sakura is pregnant.
  • Touya and Syaoran: Eh?
  • Nadeshiko: A baby. It’s Sakura and Syaoran’s. Congratulations!
  • Touya: HOLD ON A MINUTE! A baby, so what!? Did a bird drop one off for her? Or did she pick one up in a cabbage patch?
  • Sakura: *blushes* N-no… Syaoran-kun and I are married, so…
  • Syaoran: (Wait, she isn’t going to say it, is she?)
  • Sakura: … we are having sex!
  • Touya: *grabs Syaoran by the collar* BRAT! WHY YOU…
  • Touya: What a great day! *he says grinding his teeth with a fake smile*