I’m so going to die for this but imagine you’re the top student in Biology and Jack is your hot young teacher and you take a test and end up making a C on it even though you studied really hard so you go up to Jack after class and ask him if there’s a chance that he could possibly raise her grade to an A or let her retake the test and he just peers at you through his glasses and stands to his feet before taking off his red button-up and throwing it on the floor and he walks up to you and leans into your ear and whispers, “You know something? I’ll make a deal with you. I will give you your A—on one condition.” And you nod quickly for him to continue and he smirks before saying, “I want you to take off those yoga pants of yours and underwear; and then I want you to sit on top of my desk, legs spread. If you don’t oblige, I’m keeping your C. And we both know you don’t want that. So it’s your choice.” And you’re nervous but you decide your grade is worth it and you’ve always had a crush on Jack so you take off your yoga pants and underwear, letting your oversized hoodie hang midway down your thighs and you sit on top of Jack’s desk, watching carefully as he closes the blinds and locks the door, covering the window with paper and tape, and when he’s done, he glides back over to you and runs a hand through your hair while the other hand lightly presses against your wet heat and you whimper quietly and Jack shushes you before lightly biting on your earlobe and then lowering himself onto his knees and breathing cool air against your clit and and your eyes flutter closed as you throw your head back and Jack says, “No sound or I’ll keep your C. Understand?” And you make eye contact with his deep blue, dilated eyes before he finally kitten licks up your throbbing center and your hand tangles into his wild blond hair and he moans lowly against you and the vibrations move up your body and you begin to shake in anticipation and pleasure and Jack smirks and says, “Be a good girl for me and you’ll get your A, ok, princess?”


I made a post like this on my other blog but, I feel like It’s need on this blog too.

You do not understand how angry I get when I see pictures like this.  It’s not necessary the picture itself that makes me cringe, its the text.  I feel as if it’s promoting getting a thigh gap.


I am fine when a girl or even a guy wants to lose weight for them selves.  But its crosses the line when they’re just losing the weight to be “accepted” in this now a days society.

I myself have lost some weight because I thought more people would like me if I was skinny.  I was wrong.  I made a post saying

“I am losing weight for all the wrong reasons.

I should be wanting to lose weight because it’s healthy and its the right thing to do.

But it’s the pressure of the society that makes me lose weight.”

Even though I posted that yesterday, I know what my mindset is…

Do not give in to the hate that is being thrown at you.  Do not  think that you aren’t perfect, because you are.  No matter what the scale reads or what the mirror shows, you’re unique and beautiful just the way you are.  If you want to lose weight that’s amazing I appall you but, you shouldn’t do it for others, do it for you.  And when I say lose weight I do NOT mean by starving your already beautiful body, or making yourself puke until there is nothing left in your shrunken stomach that used to be bigger, or running on that treadmill hours on end without eating.  This is making your goal even further away, you are destroying your uniquely beautiful body. 

I cry when insanely beautiful girls and incredibly handsome boys do this to themselves. 

I want you to know that I adore you,  I admire you and love you just the way you are.  Please don't change for others.  Do it for you

If you need to talk I am always here

Love Nadean

The Way About Hell-A Gilinsky, Johnson and Wilkinson story-Part One

It was 1am and Nadean was leaned over the toilet puking up everything she had eaten hours ago for dinner.  She had been over the toilet for hours now.  She yelped every time she moved, the pain in her side felt like someone was stabbing her with burning hot knives.  Salty tears trickled down her face, she was in so much pain.  She was so exhausted  that she soon fell asleep with her head resting on the toilet seat.

Her mom opened the door to see Nadean asleep.  With the help of Nadean’s dad, her mom and dad carried her out to the car and laid her in the back.  Her dad stayed behind while her mom drove off to the emergency room.

Later Nadean was admitted to the hospital last night do to extreme pain in her lower right abdominal region.  She underwent a CT scan and now was sleeping in her bed hooked up to a heart monitor and more. A knock at her door woke her up.

“Come in."  She groaned awaking from her slumber.

"Here is some mail for you Miss."  The young man said with a warming smile.  She shifted her body to sit up but, end up wincing in pain instead.

"You can just set them on my lap."  She sighed in defeat.  The man did as she requested and left the room.  Nadean first looked at a bouquet of white roses from her boyfriend of three years, Jack Johnson.   The bouquet read…

I hope with all my heart that you get better soon darling.

The gang and I will be visiting you tonight.

I can’t wait to see you.

Love you baby girl


               Nadean smiles to herself.  She closes her eyes and envisions her best friends gathered around her bed.  Jack is by her side holding her hand and cracking jokes trying to make her laugh but, ended up causing her pain in her side whenever she.  Jack’s best friend that he’s known since kindergarten, Jack Gilinsky is joking around with Sam Wilkinson, Johnson’s other best friend.  Gilinsky and Wilkinson would chat with Nadean, then tease their girlfriends, who were her sisters you could say.  Their names were Jenna and Mae,  Jenna had been with Gilinsky for about 5 years now and Mae had only been with Sam for two years but you could tell they were meant for each other.

Nadean soon fell asleep, dreaming about her best friends being by her side during this rough time.


THIS STORY STARS JENNA girlinsky , MAE darlingmendes AND MYSELF NADEAN omahasexgods