Tumblr, I need your help. The city of North Adams, Mass. needs your help.

This is the North Adams Regional Hospital. Today is Wednesday. Yesterday, Tuesday, the Northern Berkshire Healthcare board of trustees, the entity that owns the hospital, announced that they will be closing on FRIDAY. 

This was not due to malpractice or anything of the sort. It is due to poor management and an inability to find ways to sustain the business end of the hospital and continue to make money.

This was all unknown to the community, the staff, and the patients until yesterday. It wasn’t a secret hidden from the paper, with the staff fully aware. It was a complete surprise dumped on literally everyone who wasn’t on the board of trustees. 

The closure of this hospital will cause around 500 people staffed at the hospital to loose their jobs in a matter of days. Their benefits subsequently run out on the 31st. 

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North Adams is a city in Northern Berkshire County in Massachusetts. It is home to 13,708 people. 22% of those people are at or below the poverty line. The unemployment rate in 2010 was 10.3%.  It is higher than the unemployment rate of the entire county OR the state. 

North Adams is also home to the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, whose Health Services only operate on a M-F, 9-5 basis. If MCLA students become sick during any of those off-hours they were often found heading to the hospital, usually with the assistance of Public Safety or a free taxi ride from the school.

Now, these students, as well as any of the North Adams, Williamstown, Cheshire, Savoy, and Florida residents will be required to either drive the 20 minutes north to Bennington, VT’s hospital or the 30 minutes south to Pittsfield. 

Let me refresh you on those numbers I mentioned earlier. 

10.3% unemployment. Just about 20% at or below poverty. A college where the majority of the student body does not have a car.

North Adams is not a city that can handle not having a hospital. These are people who do not have cars, or jobs to fund potentially having a car. Luckily, the North Adams Ambulance Service will continue to operate; but really, who wants to take an ambulance ride for a sinus infection, or if they cut themselves chopping vegetables and just need a few stitches?

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Oh, and did I mention that the Hospice Care will be closing as well, sending all of its patients back into their homes, a relative’s home, or out on the street without adequate care?

Please, I don’t implore the aid of Tumblr often.  But this time, I could really use it. Please. We got some kid a fluffy chicken, we can help save lives. Because that’s really what this boils down to. People WILL die if this hospital closes.

All I’m asking is that if for some reason you don’t have time to actually sign the petition, please reblog this so other people can see it. And if you do have time to sign the petition to keep the hospital open, I will be eternally grateful. 

This is my second home. This is a city that can flourish and be a jewel of Western Massachusetts if it is only given the chance and not hindered by things like this.

You can sign the petition HERE. It was made by a friend of mine who is very passionate about the matter, and she has written a great summary for those who might see it but not this post/the articles in the paper.

For those who want to see more of this, there is another article HERE, from the Boston Globe. And you can keep up on the story from the area newspaper’s facebook page HERE.

PLEASE. This is so important to the entire community of the Northern Berkshire County. It only takes a minute to sign the petition. 

Thank you.

(Photos by Stephanie Zollshan / Berkshire Eagle Staff)

Razloge nečijeg odlaska iz naših života ne treba tražiti, jer koliko god pokušavali nećemo naći onaj pravi. Ja ovaj njen ne želim da tražim ni medju tasovima mog horoskopskog znaka, ni medju ljudima i dogadjajima oko nas, ni medju razlikama u naravi, mišljenju ni mentalitetu. Oni su jednostavno postojali i bili, činilio mi se samo na prvi pogled, jači od onog što nas je spajalo. Nažalost, nismo uspjeli da ih prebrodimo. Na kraju, mislim da je poslije svega nešto ostalo. I to toliko lijepo i snažno, da ću se ja, a nadam se i ona, tog vremena i te ljubavi, sjećati kao nečega što se čovjeku ne dogadja baš svakog dana.
—  Ivo Andric

So these stupid fucking stickers are all over the area outside Mass MoCA, even directly on our sign (as seen here). Now we have to scrape this shit off.
Go to this tumblr ( Get angry, but take solace in the fact that all their sexist bullshit posts only have a couple of notes.
This isn’t funny. They want us to get pissed, and pissed I am, but they think the joke is that feminists are always angry and they want to get a rise out of us.
I wanna find the goddamn misogynist that put this up in MY CITY and run their face into the pavement.

[PICTURE DESCRIPTION: a sticker with a warning sign on an orange background that says: Trigger Warning. Below that: Whatever this sticker is tagging may be found offensive by someone… Somewhere… For some reason. Take a picture of this sticker and share/visit: The side features three women covering their eyes, ears, then mouth.]

Nebitno posle koliko alkohola i koliko momaka, ja bih i dalje volela da zaspim na tvojim grudima, jer to je moj drugi dom, ali si ti prevelik majmun da to shvatiš. Nadam se da neka druga zna da te uspava dodirima i poljupcima barem upola dobro koliko ja znam, jer ne postoji još jedna koja je u tome dobra kao ja, zapamti to. Laku noć, lepi moj…

Ako se sretnemo
Ako se sretnemo nekada, neću ti reći ništa. 
Neću ti reći koliko si mi značio.
Neću ti reći da mi je još uvek stalo.
Neću ti reći ni koliko mi nedostaješ.

Ako se sretnemo nekada, neću ti reći da si umeo sa mnom.
Neću ti reći da si uspeo mnogo toga,
što nijedan pre i posle tebe nije.

Ako se sretnemo nekada, neću zaplakati. 
Neću ti reći da mi se steglo srce.
Neću ti reći koliko ruke žele da te zagrle. 

Ako se sretnemo nekada, spustiću pogled.
U pogledu bi pročitao sve.

Ako se sretnemo nekada, neću ti reći ništa.
Neću ti reći, jer nisi zaslužio da mi značiš.
Nisi zalužio da mi nedostaješ.
Nisi zaslužio zagrljaj, a ni suze.
Nisi zaslužio da me boliš.
Ćutaću, jer ponos je jači. 
Ako se sretnemo nekada, nadam se da me se nećeš sećati.
Nadam se da nećeš zastati, ni okrenuti se za mnom.

Ako se sretnemo nekada i ako se setiš i zastaneš,
neću imati snage za sva ova "neću".
Na licu ćeš pročitati sve.
Sve što ništa promenilo ne bi.

mr-psycho-bunny  asked:

Pa u pitanju je prosta znatizelja... i jedna i druga ste lepe i zgodne, a koliko mogu da zakljucim ovako posredno, i kul osobe. I onda sam nesto razmisljao - kada vas neki momak vidi tako zajedno, kako da odluci koja je "bolja" ili privlacnija ili sta god... i tako mi pade na pamet ovo potpuno tupavo pitanje XD Nadam se da nisam pitam nesto lose :s

Ma dolazimo u kompletu, nema potrebe za biranjem 😂