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“No way I would be a journalist. You guys have tried to kill Roger often. But he’s always come back and proved you wrong. So one thing I  would not do is make the mistake of saying Roger is dead.“ - Rafael Nadal

"I’ve done and lived the most with him. From five-set matches on court, to promoting a tournament in Qatar, to doing foundation work together. And I’ve gone to dinners with him. I know his family the best, as well. I know his mum, dad and sister. Yeah, our bond goes further back than the one I have with Novak or Andy. And for that reason I feel closest and most connected to Rafa.” - Roger Federer


Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Jose M Alvarez Pallete at the opening ceremony of Rafa Nadal Academy in Manacor, Spain.  

Some quotes: “I’m super happy to be here. I know where I’ll send my kids if they want to learn how to play tennis”. - Roger Federer

“It’s very important for all of us to have you here. You represent the values and example for kids at our Academy. Thank you Roger from the bottom of my heart to be here. For me it means everything.” - Rafael Nadal

What Rafael write on the poster that he gave to Roger: “Dear Roger, thank you very much for your support at the official opening of my academy. Today is an unforgettable day for me, my family and my team. You cannot imagine how special it is to have you here with us. Roger, this reflects all the moments we had on the court. Looking back at them I see all the great memories we shared in our careers… To be continued…”

“He returned well. But at the same time, it was obvious that I didn’t have the right answer for his returns, no? I needed to neutralise the points. I needed to neutralise his two first balls, and I didn’t,” Nadal lamented.

“So then playing (the first) two shots, he’s better than me today. And five years ago, ten years ago, always was better than me. I was a little bit better than him in general when I neutralised the first two shots, and then I can manage it a little bit better the point, no?

“So I was not enough good tonight to make that happen, and he deserved the victory, for sure. Very easy.”

- Rafael Nadal after losing to Roger Federer in BNPPO 2017

His admiration and love for him is eternal and precious and just “always was better than me” awwww Rafa. 😍😭

It’s cool playing the Semis of the World Tour Finals. I would prefer to face Nadal in the Final, even if I have no preference. The rivalries, they are unique in many ways. The more I play Novak, the more special it becomes. But with Rafa I go back further. We were the new guys and the face of the tour for so long. The fact is obviously the epic Wimbledon finals. Then we had all these matches for me which were hard, the French Open finals. But they were very important for my career as well to win the French Open in 2009. This Rivalry is extra special
—  Roger on his rivalry with Rafa again

Rafael Nadal about Zidane’s newly appointment as Real Madrid Coach: 

“Zinedine is the history of football, and is part of Real Madrid’s great history. I know him, he’s a great person, very humble, and deserves to be where he is. It’s obvious that he’s good for the players. It’s good that, as one of the most important clubs of the world, Real Madrid have somebody like him on the bench managing the club, and I am happy for him. [Benitez] Its tough to start a new project then have to leave so soon; but I think if a change was needed then Zidane was the ideal person to take it on.”