For the last 72 hours I have only gotten 3 hours of sleep. Why have I only gotten 3 hours of sleep in 72 hours you may ask?

Akatsuki no Yona

I have finished the anime and the ova’s, and now I’m reading the manga. I love this, I love Akatsuki no Yona, and I may be addicted. I’m actually scared that when I finish it I’ll have withdrawal symptoms.

And coincidentally I’m on the nadai arc

soo won may or may not deeply love yona but he never held her in high regard really. not even when he saw her in the fire tribe, water tribe arc or even the sei arc. he thinks she is doing ok and still alive because hak is with her.

she entered a battlefield and stopped an army? yea hak is the one who did. she is in the company of dragon warriors? yea hak is the group leader. he never gave her credit (partly because he is blinded by his fascination with hak of course) but here things changed. yona couldn’t have provided any important addition to ogi’s letter, nevertheless, he changed his mind. because here he finally came to register the fact that she has become someone to consider. someone to fear even. not because of the influence she has on hak but because of the influence she could have on the entire kingdom. lili’s record and regard of the nadai events came just in time too. he saw her for who she really is for the first time. he finally saw what everyone beside him has been seeing. when he looks at her, before it was always with pity and affection. now there is definitely amazement and respect. 

te extraño tanto que cada vez que pienso en vos

siento un dolor horrible en el pecho

pero sé que todo cambió

y que volver ahora no significaría nada

que no te significaría nada

y lo peor es que cada vez

se me hace más díficil 

mantenerme alejada;

vení, por favor, vení


volvamos el tiempo atrás

por favor

Hak is actually really considerate of Shin-ah’s privacy?? Like, in the hot spring, he tells Shin-ah to beat up Jae-ha for troubling him, then when they were selling goods in a village and Jae-ha used Kija and Shin-ah to lure in customers, he warns him that Shin-ah won’t be able to trust people again if he doesn’t return the mask, and during the cave incident, he is the first one to notice that Shin-ah was looking for his mask and he informs him where it is. 

It’s not just Shin-ah though. Hak is quite sensitive to people’s motives and feelings in general. In the latest chapter, 140, he easily figured how Vold still thought of the five stars to be his comrades. There are many instances? Like when he noticed how Tetora and Ayura wanted their aid with something. And Jae-ha?? That time that idiot drank nadai and he didn’t let the others see him because he figured he wouldn’t like that. 

Hak is really good with people. 

Some random thoughts on Chapter 141

Tetora’s poor face can’t take any more. 

I’m officially a low-key platonic Lili and Soowon shipper. By that I mean that a politically arranged, mutually respectful but non-romantic marriage between them would be intriguing. Because really, what other woman could stand up to Soowon as his royal wife? Thanks for throwing us another bone, Kusanagi.

Everyone’s making the “Kye-SHOOK” joke, but I think it’s more like “Kye-aw, SHI———”.

Algira kept really, really cool in this chapter. Not a single soldier got kicked.

Whatever happened to the guy driving the carriage? Did he slip away back to Ogi? Or will he be left standing there after all the soldiers leave, screaming, “MY CARRIAGES!!!!”???


Yo no sé lo que ustedes irán a pensar de esto.
Yo no sé lo que ustedes irán a pensar de esto
Ustedes siempre piensan lo primero que se les ocurre
Rara vez escuchan a secas lo que uno dice
Mejor me quedo callado ustedes van a hablar por atrás
Y es algo que si no lo digo jamás lo sabrán por otra fuente
Además tiene que ver exclusivamente con ustedes
No es tan importante pero sí es importante
No voy a ser tan imbécil de sentarme a escribir
Perder media hora para tocar un tema insípido
Si solamente no interpretaran las cosas
Bueno hay cosas que necesariamente deben ser interpretadas
Me sería facilísimo no haber dicho nada
Es que no puedo confiar en ustedes
Si les dije que se los iba a decir se los voy a decir
Porque de mí podrán decir cualquier cosa
Menos decir que no digo lo que dije que diría
Se relaciona con un problema que nos toca a todos
Lo malo es que si lo digo pero se los voy a decir
Cada uno lo va a interpretar a su manera
El que lo interprete al revés se va a sentir herido
Y no quiero herir a nadie yo necesito decir la verdad
Ya se están poniendo el parche antes de la herida
Si doy mi propia interpretación también la interpretarán
Por eso me vi en la obligación de escribir un poema
Sólo un poema podía expresar este secreto
No así yo prefiero quedar como que no cumplo lo que digo
A decir cosas para que ustedes las pasen por alto
Estoy seguro que creyeron que no dije nada
Y ahora más encima van a empezar a hablar por atrás
Sabía que iba a pasar esto no importa nadie tiene la culpa
Nunca nos hemos entendido ni nos vamos a entender. 

(Erick Pohlhammer) 

Dream Lover

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Steve finds out that you like 60s music.

Warnings: Nada

I want a dream lover
So I don’t have to dream alone.

The speakers blasted your spotify playlist throughout your side of the tower. Steam fogged the bathroom mirror as the door opened, revealing Steve wrapped in a towel. You smiled at him as you changed the song before sitting in front of your mirror to get ready.

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anonymous asked:

I think the biggest reason Soowon decided to hear Yona out is because he realized how serious she is about stopping the war, but do you think him being under the impression that Hak is one of Xing's captives might have also influenced his decision?

Ok, so I don’t think that’s why he heard her out (he has no proof of this and he’s too pragmatic to act upon assumptions), I think it was mostly pressure from the Water Tribe soldiers that Lili had impressed with gallant stories of Yona’s anti-nadai efforts, but let me just say that yes, the fact that Su-Won wondered if Hak was being help captive highlights:

  1. That he couldn’t even conceive the idea that Yona would willingly ever separate herself from Hak and walk into the lion’s den alone

Think about that. Just think about that.

El diamante es una súplica
que tú inyectas en mi carne
el sol asustado huye
cuando eso entra en mi vena.

De mujeres y saliva
sólo está hecha la vida:
la heroína es más que el ser
y algo que a la vida excede.

Que estoy vencido lo sé
cuando el veneno entra en sangre
el triunfo es una burbuja
me deshará la mañana.

Si el ciervo asustado huye
es que en el bosque ha su casa
así buscas en tu brazo
un lago donde esconderte.

Contar ciervos en el llano
es deporte de poeta
de hombre es buscar avaro
placer en una cuchara,
oro en el excremento
para que el aullido muera.

Un fauno y una derrota
mujeres y algo de música
y el sueño de algún efebo
es cuanto de mí sé
y que ahora la heroína
convierta en nada y en polvo.

Todo ciervo sabe morir
pero que al hombre le cuesta
lo sabe el lento dibujo
de la aguja por mis venas.

Lento humo de cucarachas
así el orgullo se muere
pálido porque entre el polvo
de la cuchara lea mi destino.

Antiguos sapos he buscado
en el océano infinito
la aguja muerde y hace daño
tengo cactus en los brazos.

El jaco es una ramera
que susurra en la oscuridad
en mis manos, cuando me pico
cae el cabello de una mujer.

Como las alas de la nada se mueven entre el bosque
así el viaje de mis dientes por entre los cuerpos vivos
así como una ramera que se arrodilla en la noche
el rezo de una aguja en la violencia del cuerpo.

La aguja dibuja lenta
algún ciervo entre mis venas
cuando el veneno entra en sangre
mi cerebro es una rosa.

Como un viejo chupando un limón seco
así es el acto poético.
El caballo con su espada
divide la vida en dos:
a un lado el placer sin nada
y al otro, como mujer vencida
la vida que despide mal olor.

Leopoldo María Panero

Water tribe, whose side are they on?

We know that Lilly would most likely side with Yona considering the deep bond they have formed and the fact Yona’s family is in danger, people that have helped her in her desire to protect the Water Tribe. Plus, Lilly is incapable of pursuing a senseless war that could result in the death of innocents as she has done everything in her power to protect people, from dying so I doubt she would want a war but we assume that Lilly has any power and influence within her tribe. 

She really only has her father’s name and Ayura and Tetora. If she had any real influence than she herself wouldn’t have had to go investigate who’s been selling Nadai. She would have had help from the soldiers but that doesn’t happen. Instead, she steals her father’s seal to coerce the soldiers to follow her orders and then is put under house arrest for stealing a seal she had no permission to take.

Lilly hasn’t been able to get through to her father as it clearly seems that the soldiers follow her father’s orders so the question is, whose side is Joon-gi on? We could say Su-won’s but why? He clearly seems to be the observant type and to him, I don’t think who the ruler matters because he clearly didn’t do anything with King Il or Yu-hon or even after King Il was murdered. Not even with the Nadai when it was poisoning his people. Su-won, Lilly and Yona were the ones that did shit. (I seriously can’t respect this man at all, everyone else seems to be doing his job for him). 

It’s possible that Joon-gi respects Su-won but how loyal is he? This guy doesn’t express himself well so maybe we can finally have an insight into what he thinks about Su-won, Yona, King Il and the possible conflict with Xing. Ogi himself said he thinks Su-won is a good King but that he can’t really forgive a guy who hurts his friends which resulted in him siding with Yona and Hak so just because someone believes Su-won is a good king like Yona and even Hak, that doesn’t mean that they agree with his decisions i.e. how he took over the thrown and his desire to pursue war. 

Makes me think that someone *cough* Yona, can change Joon-gi’s mind so that he picks a side and does something rather than being a follower. Yona doesn’t know where Lilly is, her only option is to talk to Joon-gi and hopefully reason with him because she doesn’t have a lot of time until war breaks out.

What do you guys think? Do you think Joon-gi will help Yona or Su-won? Also if Kouka end’s up on a civil conflict trying to pursue/prevent the war with Xing, it’s possible Kai and Sei might take this opportunity to attack Kouka.


a todo el mundo

le importa tu disfraz,

lo que llevas arriba

y lo que te gusta aparentar

nadie se fija

debajo de la cabellera,

de las pestañas,

o la cremallera 

porque aunque son necesarias

importantes nada

y no digo “lo importante es lo de adentro”

pero un poco de apreciación,

interna por supuesto.

adornar el interior

y hacer un contrapuesto:

si tu cara es agraciada

te felicito, 

bienvenido a la manada

de lobos que solo aullan

repitiendo todo

y sabiendo nada

pero si tu corazón es el agraciado

eres bienaventurado

aunque sea difícil de ver

eso es lo que va quedando

lo que importa

y deberías ir apreciando

porque cuando ya no estén,

(al terminar el camino)

les gustaría ser recordados

por sus raíces y almas,

y no por sus flores y pieles

que al final, se deshojaron


y en polvo se convirtieron

- p.v

Poema - Matias Catrileo

Te recuerdo amor que te amo
para que me recuerdes
que solo quiero vivir
para ser libre.

Recuérdame amor
que esa es mi lucha y mi razón
esa y sólo esa,
y tú.

Recuérdame amarte libre
en las tierras a las que pertenecemos.
Recuérdame reír contigo,
mirarte a los ojos
sin miedo a nada
y caminar.

anonymous asked:

Cookie-chan, this recent 暁のヨナ arc feels like it's the first time Yona has really opposed Suwon. Before, she was kinda working with him (with all the complex emotions between them and all, and sometimes unknowingly). What do you think of this?

Hello Anon!

I agree with what you’re saying. Though Su-Won and Yona haven’t been on friendly terms, they have always been on the same side of the conflicts they’ve seen themselves involved in — in Awa, they stood against the Kai Empire’s human trafficking; during the Fire Tribe rebellion​, they fought against Kan Soo-Jin; during the Water Tribe arc, they joined hands to stop the nadai problem; and in Sei, they fought against Kushibi and the kidnapping of Kouka citizens.

This IS the first time Yona and Su-Won are on different sides of a conflict. Notice, too, that it’s the first time the problem isn’t something that harms Kouka. Though war is about to break out, Mizari has left pretty clear that Xing’s makeshift soldiers are so weak that they don’t even pose a threat to Kouka’s army. Yona is fighting to protect people that aren’t her own, which is what I think really sets this arc apart from all others, and probably the most important difference between her and Su-Won.