the collection [story op. 2] ♡ essay ver.
on … “blinking game” / source: sullaem

shall we talk about something dirty?

guess what i think is the most explicit type of skinship?

answer: it’s eye contact!

then guess what i think is the sexist genre of music?

answer: it’s jazz!

a meeting of the two, full of power struggle and playfulness. it’s so erotic that i can’t listen to this song anymore. i’m embarrassed.

[translator’s note: the word he used to say “explicit” means something in the sense of being frank, open and direct. it doesn’t necessarily refer to something sexual, but it can (and does, in this case). the lyrics to “blinking game” can be read here.]

Coffee Squad

John : They call me coffee because I grind so fine ;)

Mary : Oh my God

Sherlock : They call me coffee because I keep you up past 2am

Mary : Sherlock, not you too…

Mycroft : They call me coffee-

Mary : Please no

Mycroft : Because I’m dark and bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspect of who I am.

Mary : Oh.

noora and william were both in the wrong, stop. his family is his biggest weakness and she lied to him about it. it’s totally understandable that she did, but william distancing himself after finding out she lied isn’t a weird or horrible reaction either. y’all are already jumping on him again for not being there 100% for her, but it’s hard to fully support someone when they don’t tell you the truth and you have to find out via a letter from the police. 

she also left him without saying anything. and this is of course a reason for people to jump on him again, cause he didn’t come after her. she left him, and that’s probably how it felt for him too. if he had traveled after her people would be calling him abusive and manipulative again for going against her wishes, since she’s the one who left.

she hasn’t contacted him either. they’re BOTH in the wrong, they BOTH don’t communicate. stop blaming everything on him because tumblr keeps telling you how awful he is. 

this whole storyline shouldn’t even be here to be discussed but okay. 

it has been announced that, starting on may 15th, instiz will be excluding monkey3, olleh and soribada from being counted on the instiz ichart. these are regarded as the three least popular digital streaming sites in south korea. the only digital charts that will have their realtime rankings counted on the chart from that point onward will be: bugs, genie, melon, mnet and naver. there will also be a new score advantage that will be calculated from rankings on naver.

for those not familiar with what the instiz ichart is or how it works: it is a realtime accumulation of the digital rankings from all active streaming sites in south korea. points are distributed between the rankings that a song has on every chart and added up to place them on the overall combined chart - in realtime, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. format. it is the chart where all kill’s are confirmed / determined. this will, possibly, make it easier for artists to achieve all kill’s. (source)

I trimmed a part of the Transformer video, because it lasts like six minutes soo… but yeah this is basically the moment and as you can see the crowd didn’t let them down <3 I love you exo and exo-ls

[Explanation here]

(Sorry that at the end the camera cuts them my arms were hurting xD)