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Let’s talk about the fact that Kageyama is thinking about that he won’t play with Hinata if he doesn’t go to the nacional team.

First he is thinking about that he has won Hinata but then… that thought.


A plane carrying the Brazilian Serie A football team Chapecoense has crashed in Colombia. It has been confirmed 76 of the 81 people travelling on board have died. The team were travelling to compete in the Final of the Copa Sudamericana against Medellin team, Atletico Nacional, the biggest match in Chapecoense’s history. Defender Alan Ruschel is the only player to have been confirmed as one of the current 5 survivors. At this time, reports suggest that goalkeepers Jackson Follman and Marcos Danilo have also survived. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this devastating news. The whole footballing world is with you. #ForçaChapecoense

UPDATE: Sadly Marcos Danilo died in hospital after being pulled from the wreckage alive. It is also reported defender Neto is alive

You know, we are always yelling about how the world sucks lately, but then we never speak about when people act in a really really beautiful way.

I don’t know if everyone is aware, but this week, 71 people died in a plane crash going to Colombia. The plane was filled with reporters and the whole Chapecoense team of futebol. From an entire team, only 3 survived.

You know, futebol is a huge huge thing here in Brazil. I think the entire world knows how much we love this sport. The whole country stops wherever we have a World Cup.

And children, from all ages, dream about becoming a huge futebol player like Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho Gaucho or Neymar.

This team, Chapecoense, they came from this same background. They came from the bottom, being one of the last teams in championships around here, until becoming one of the teams who would play for the finals in South American Cup.

Almost an entire team, gone. A dream they had for years, vanished in the air.

I never rooted for them because surprisingly, I’m not very into futebol unless is our national team, but I know what this means to our country, and it’s impossible not to feel for them and for the families.

But then we have actions like the opposite team, Atlético Nacional, from Colombia, that would play against them in the finals, asking for the Chapecoense team to be declared the official champion of the South American Cup. We have the Colombian Stadium, where the game would take place yesterday, filled with people who went there to pay their respects even though there was no game to watch anymore. We have more than 50 thousands people singing the song that the Chapecoense team used to sing when they won a game, even though they don’t even speak our language in the first place.

You know, this is the kind of thing that really makes me think that if we try, we can do better you know? We can be better.

To Colombia, y'all have my deep deep respect. You definitely won an entire country.

“To nam je ključna utakmica. Ako pobijedimo, osigurat ćemo drugo mjesto, a Srbija će se oprostiti od SP-a. Ipak, unatoč velikom rivalstvu, prošlost neće utjecati na ono što se događa na terenu. Koncentrirani smo na nogomet. Nitko od nas ne može promijeniti prošlost, ali možemo utjecati na sadašnjost. Moramo biti primjer drugima, pružiti dobru utakmicu, bez kontroverzi. Protivnik je sjajan i poštujemo ga”, kaže jedan od najboljih europskih desnih bekova današnjice.

Darijo Srna.  

Još malo, još malo! Ajmo KAPETANE!


So I had a great time competing at the mexican olimpiada which is a national level competition. I was one of the 4 athletes who medaled while competing for team IME which is a team that lets athletes of mexican origins be able to compete at this event. I took home the silver medal in the -53 kilogram division. Considering that this was the first time I competed at this nationals I am very proud of myself although the outcome was not what I wanted. I believe that God has a plan for me and that day was just another girls day. I beat the silver medalist from last year in my second fight which got me into the semi finals which I also won getting me into the finals. I lost my final match against last years national team member. being tied the whole time until the middle of the third round where she was able to get a head shot on me and winning 7-4. I made some mistakes and I am back home working on them and getting ready to fight at nationals here in the U.S. later this month. 

there’s something happening right now that I’ve never thought I’d see.

Some of you may know, a plane crashed while flying from Brazil to Colombia, killing a whole soccer team from here. They were on their way to play the final of a south american league, they were a small team, it was such a huge deal for them. The game was supposed to be happening right now, and for obvious reasons it isn’t. 

But all the supporters of Atletico Nacional (the team from Colombia they were playing against, went to the stadium and they are paying a huge tribute to Chapecoense, shouting the team’s name, making speeches, the army is there, people brought candles and flowers. The stadium is completely full of people from Colombia, who didn’t even know the team since they were from another country, but they are there honoring them. 

I’ve never seen a bigger example of love, for people they never heard about. That makes my faith in people, in humanity, grow a lot bigger. 

Thank you for sharing our grief Colombia, we will never walk alone <3