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Speaking of Tom could you maybe do some of them all being friends? Because I really kinda hope that happens

I’m ALL for Tom joining the team. I feel like Marco letting him try some of his Super Awesome Nachos could be one way to celebrate/cement the friendship.

I see a lot of Marauders aesthetics with the Beatles and Rolling Stones, and I’m like, if you think Sirius Black was doing anything in August 1977 besides stalking the Sex Pistols on their secret UK tour while trying to convince Remus that they should become roadies for an upstart punk band, I don’t even know what books you were reading. 

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i don't know why but i really picture wolfie being a huge romantic with kala. buying flowers, candlelit dinner, the whole thing. he knows he doesn't need to, but he's such a fool in love for her that he does it anyway. and when he gives her all that stuff she smiles really big at him and seeing her smile makes him smile and then they stand there for a little while just grinning at each other like dorks ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱

i am going to cry this is so perfect honestly? like he is definitely the kind of person who acts all hard but when it comes to someone like kala he just melts into an adorable puppy who would do anything to make her happy


i just want a tablet already, goddamn this touch pad

just playing with the idea of how they’d “come to terms” with their feelings for the other.
in some fic i read marco is usually oblivious to it and tom’s the one concerned and obsessive, so here ya go

sorry for the bs’d bg, it’s hard to do on a laptop so i just said feck it

first off !! i have no idea how the fuck did i end up with 210 followers. i mean – guys, i’m trash. pretty trash but trash none the less. like i owe a ton of people and i haven’t even done my replies, if i’m being honest here i have no idea why you people follow me. but regardless of that i figure i do something nice and show you guys how much i love you all. now this is my first one ever because i never actually done this and honestly so this might come out as more of a rant then anything else. 

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