im glad that the fetid & stagnant anachronisms known as Weird Tumblr 2009-11 and its Funny Joke Men such as richwhitelesbian/finalfantasyfootball, all of "Tha God Squad" (a number of white dudes rapping abt anime lol) shavingryansprivates drdude johnskele nayx nostalgiaultra brandnewswastikas/heckacute nachobragers etc are slowly erasing themselves from this blogging arena as their fragile masculine facades are become subject to critique by the many young women who they make a brand out of harassing and posturing themselves away from, and the only reminder that they used to have some kind of prominence or status on this Site is the straggling latecomers to the game that emulate these relics & ghosts of the worst era of ignorant shitposting that ever happened to tumblr dot fucking com


nachobragers replied to your post: MY MOVIE GOT NOMINATED FOR BEST COMEDY…

when did you make a movie??

a few weeks ago my school had a contest in which students were given a macbook and a camera and stuff and had a week to submit a 5-minute or shorter film and two nights before the deadline I realized that I couldn’t use the equipment because they didn’t give me a USB cord so I just filmed a video on my iPhone one night and life is hilarious and absurd and a theater full of people just watched me shaking my ass