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Dual Dialogue Prompts
  • “This was a terrible idea.” “What are you talking about, there’s free nachos!”
  • “Don’t do the thing.” “…” “You did the thing, didn’t you?”
  • “I didn’t technically steal it. It’s called borrowing.” “You can’t borrow from a store!”
  • “Love you.” “Ew.”
  • “Why didn’t you invite me?” “I thought you would slap me.”
  • “I have something to confess.” “Did you set the microwave on fire again?”
  • “This bed ain’t big enough for the both of us.” “It’s a bunkbed?”
  • “We would make the best couple.” “You mean the worst couple.” “Exactly.”
  • “Did you just walk into a lamppost?” “In my defense, the lampost clearly saw me coming.”
  • “Music speaks to my soul.” “You’re so weird.”
  • “Paint me like one of your French girls.” “… I paint fruit.”
  • “Don’t you just love hanging out with me?” “Not really–” “AWW, I love hanging out with you, too!”
  • “Here’s another fun fact: Lions are actually–” “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP.”
  • “Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.” “Agreed.”
the nacho rebranding

nacho here! it’s about time i revealed my main blog. i’d like to reply to posts, too! but i have an ulterior motive: i’ve recently turned my main blog into an art-only blog. what this means is that i’ll be posting original art (including very low quality caretaker shitposts) on that blog… and lots of monster ladies! maybe some non-caretaker-related undertale fanart, too.

in the future there will probably be tasteful (non-sexual) nudity, so keep that in mind if you decide to follow.

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My list of FAST FOODS (USA)

Burger King - Gimme dem chicken fingers daddy-o!
McDonald’s - Gimme dem Big Macs daddy-o
Wendy’s - Gimme dem Asiago Chicken Sandwich daddy-o
Carl’s JR - Gimme da diabetus daddy-o
Taco Bell - What’s that? You gon’ give me dem supreme cruchwrap nachos?
Pizza Hut - What’s that? This is a combination PizzaHut+Tacobell ring me up some o them cinnamon twists baby!
Jack in da BAWKS - Gotta get me literally 40 tacos
Subway - We eatin’ fresh today bby gimme dat SPICY ITALIAN BMT with extra SAUCE if u know what I’m sayin’ ;)
Chipotle - ??? IDK I don’t got to CHIPOTLE.
KFC - Shove that chicken right in my taste hole Colonel.
Popeyes - Gimme like 5 biscuits without any water cuz I’m savage like that.
Chick-Fil-a - Fill me up with them criss cross fries and subtle Jesus stuff.
Little Caesar - Hi can I get like 7 pizzas?

uncharted-delight  asked:

Yes I was thinking of her the uniform, but I unfortunately haven't any reference image. I said it because Elena once says she worked at the Macho Nacho when she was young, but nothing more...

OK, I see!
I was able to find reference pics of Macho Nacho’s staff. (Maybe…sorry if it is wrong.)

And I was'nt able to understand you request well because in Japanese version UC4 Macho Nacho’s talk has been modified. ( To be precise, she didn’t say shop name.) OMG.

By the way, she has said that she was working at that when she was a student.
So I made her face a little young!

Thank you for your request!

Marco’s Super Awesome Nachos

So you know Marco’s Super Awesome Nachos in Star vs. the Forces of Evil?

Well, in the recent book Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, there’s a recipe to make them, and today I took that recipe and I made the damn things.

Only parts of the recipe I didn’t follow were (1) I kept the guacamole on the side, and (2) I took pictures. (Sorry, Marco. :P)

They are gooey. They are cheesy. They are spicy. And they are delicious as hell. A must-make for any Star fan. (Hell, I’m sure I’m not the first to try making these.)

And while you’re at it, pick up the Star and Marco’s Guide book and show your support for the series creators.

Once Every Blue Moon

Based on this glorious idea, my humble present for Jay’s birthday (yes it was yesterday but it still counts, right?)

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Santana can count the rare appearances of the Drunkus Hummelus on the fingers of one hand.

But she can recount them all with crystal clear clarity, for each one of them is a blessing.

Don’t get her wrong, she loves Kurt like a brother from another mother.

But drunk Kurt? He’s her favorite.

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We had this discussion about Nacho’s psychology, thinking that he wouldn’t give away that he’s beaten, at any moment, no matter what is really going on. And then [the writer] and I agreed that he was kind of like, because of the boots he was wearing, kind of like an alligator. And that conversation led to this improv moment of the alligator who would snap his jaws. - Michael Mando

im looking for places to eat and I find this wisconsin based mexican grill chain and their signature dish is called a burracho, “the best of the burrito and nachos” IT’S THE NACO THEY HAVE CREATED THE NACO I AM S C R E A M I N G