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you know that scene in broad city where there’s a pile of human shit in an empty subway car and someone’s eating nachos in the corner….I’m that girl
honey, i'd put money on myself

Ransom is pretty sure he just ascended. He has left his body behind and moved on to a better place and he must now be in heaven, receiving his eternal rewards for the week Holster spoke only in Michael Scott quotes, because Alexei Mashkov is standing in the doorway of the Haus holding a tray of deluxe nachos from Jerry’s. THE RANSKOV FIC WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

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I check your blog obsessively and ive just realised I don't actually know a lot about you ? Like, what are your hobbies, what do you look forward to at the end of the day, what shows do you watch, do you support any sports teams, what food would you kill a man for, what's your favourite animal(s) , what music do you listen to, any inside jokes with your friends, what's your family like, what's a normal day like for you , do you have any nicknames, what are you attracted to in a person ? xx

wow if you want me to instantly fall in love with you ask me strange and wonderful personal questions and also compliment my blog like… uh….. 😍

I guess I’ll take this one question at a time?? I hope that’s okay? what’s the protocol for talking about myself is this thing on

hobbies: lots of artsy obnoxious stuff I love writing & reading & playing piano/flute/guitar/uke/singing & painting & acting I basically only use one side of my brain tbh

I look forward to: putting my hair up which seems weird but I have so much of it and my favourite moment in the day is tying it back and feeling like my brain is free?? I also look forward to cracking a coke zero and checking my notes on and uhhh napping

shows: holy shit…… all. of them. recently I’ve been catching up on sense8, the get down, skam s4, brooklyn 99, voltron. plus I always adore x-files and buffy. I’ve had the obligatory teen wolf phase, doctor who phase, shameless US phase… got dumped headfirst into haikyuu and yoi last year, etc etc 

sports teams: i don’t know anything!!!! literally nothing!!! I respect their right to have that ball and do that running but i.. super don’t care. also here in saskatchewan everyone’s like football!!! hockey!!! football!!! hockey!!!! and im honestly just here to watch a guy get punched on ice

food to kill for: fresh homemade bread my guy……. better than anything on this earth….. also some really good nachos?? yeah. cheesecake?? ye S. thai food? YES

favourite animal: okay don’t laugh……. it’s a fox it’s been a fox since I was eight years old

music: it’s very um eclectic. tame impala & panic! & altj & decemberists & lorde & top & arcade fire & sufjan stevens & mother mother & the mountain goats & frank ocean & the front bottoms & mac demarco & hayley kiyoko bc I am gay and punk and trying too hard but ALSO so many soundtracks! httyd & cloud atlas & sinbad are some of the best scores ever devised by man. so many musicals. lately more bts than you would……….. believe

Inside jokes: idk where to begin w the shit me and ben talk about but I’ll tell you that my group chat was called ‘omega too god’ for a while bc my friend misspelled ‘omg too good’

family: just very good. I’m so ludicrously lucky. my parents are accepting and silly and delightful – doctors & part-time musicians & full-time good people. Both my brothers are big weirdos and I love & fear them. James writes music and talks way too much about sci-fi or board games or astronomy or w/e & his mouth gets him into sooo much trouble. Stubborn as FUCK & won’t hecking listen to me but he means so well. Chris is a real certified genius I’m not joking his IQ is well above 160 and he just turned down the opportunity to go to Oxford or Cambridge for his masters in physics bc he’s focusing on research?? i guess? He’s good at everything but he’s also humble and sweet and strange and fumbling (I’m so proud of him I can’t see straight)

A normal day for me: right now it’s summer and I haven’t landed a job yet so it goes: get up LATE, go for coffee with a friend or my mom, have a lil walk, do some writing, sometimes I go volunteer at the LGBT2+ community centre where my buddy works & look after some youth, make some food, run some errands, learn lots. maybe go out in the evening, maybe retreat to my cave and write some more until it gets dark and I remember to eat. collapse into sleep at 3 am

nicknames: my family calls me Meg or Megs! dad used to call me Meggie Muffin but we don’t gotta talk about that. my name is boring and difficult to adapt wcyd

attracted to: good talkers. sweethearts who are free w affection and good vibes. sense of humour is critical bc I like to be surprised & heard & laugh. people who are accepting and genuinely kind are definitely the hottest people. if they’re smart musicians w curly hair or smth that’s a bonus 😎

Dear people who follow me

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you. Today my blog will be devoted to Star vs. the Forces of Evil, the show which is the only reason I came back to Tumblr, and the main reason behind this blog. I promise that it will only be for today, and maybe not even the entire day, depending on how fast the artists and other fans can produce things I can reblog. So please bear with me if, for some reason I cannot fathom, you are not excited beyond all reason for today’s two hour season premiere, The Battle for Mewni! (Really, you ought to watch this show; it is so incredible that I am moved out of my general apathy and lethargy to write tiresome essays analyzing various aspects of the characters and plot) Things will return to normal by tomorrow. In the meantime, I am donning my Moon the Undaunted cosplay, preparing to feast on corn and nachos based on Marco’s recipe later in the day, and generally indulging my passion for this show!

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are... are you implying that souls taste like nachos and cheese dip. because if that was the case I really wouldn't blame Dark and Anti for wanting them so bad, I'd be all over that too if I was a soulless demon. (and I would probably make the joke "it's /nacho/ soul anymore" a hundred times)

Here’s the thing about chips:

They’re called ‘chips’ and not ‘chip‘ because you can’t stop at one…

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Anytime! If you ever need information from the book just ask. And is SO worth it, I mean; it has Marco's nachos recipe, Jackie's blue streak it's natural, Ponyhead has 13 sisters, Star interviewed Jackie for Marco, and Marco interviewed Oskar for Star (the epic return of Doctor Marco PHD) And then Tom suddenly crashed in Oskar's car and started interrogating him, then Oskar said that Tom and Marco share a beautiful bromance, and Tom was like "Please, if I was bromancing you, you would know it"



“ Star interviewed Jackie for Marco, and Marco interviewed Oskar for Star “ that’s hella friendship goals right there jldndrkgmej

TOMCO BROMANCE omyghad Oskar saaaame they’re like one of my fave brotp frienemies ever

these shared infos are so intriguing i cannot even- ! ! ! !


Mike: “You don’t need to do that.”

How much did Jesse remind Mike of Nacho in the events of Breaking Bad?

It’s kinda hard not to see some similarities.

I wonder what was going through Mike’s head, and what this and other stuff did to his psyche.

Obviously, give credit to where credit is due. Mike has seen a lot of horrible stuff, but still… how could the similarity have impacted him in the way he approached dealing with Jesse? At least until Jesse earned Mike’s respect and trust.

Just the fact Mike is around to see and feel the repercussions from Nacho’s, and then Jesse’s decisions and actions. Or being there to watch the criminal underworld of Albuquerque shape and wreak chaos upon the lives of these two young men in their prime. And having to cleaning up after them, too; meanwhile they’re either accidentally or intentionally turning tables on thing that impact the dreams he’s worked very hard to achieve and hopes to have for the future.

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