nacho nova

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Place your bets! Mr Díaz vs Mr Lucitor! Ping Pong Till the bitter end!

Nova: *Eating nachos, nearly chokes* What?! WHO SAID PING PONG!?

Star; *sticks her head into the living room* Nova! Did you just say Ping pong?!

Nova; NO! *waves her hands defensively* It was the anon! THEY SAID PING PONG!

Sol: *pops out of a potted plant* WHO SAID PING PONG?!

*the earth begins to shake violently as Marco strolls into the room, a confident smirk on his face*

Marco: He’s back….

Nova; dad wait! *Marco runs upstairs* DAD! oh no. 

*the floor under the living room cracks open as two, long skeletal arms rise up. A large skeleton appears with a carriage strapped to its back.

Tom: *calmly walks out wearing a red headband, tank top and shorts* Did someone call?

Nova; *opens her mouth*

Marco: Yes i did *stands triumphantly in the door frame, wearing sweat bands, and a matching outfit, flexing unnecessary while winking at Star.

Star; *giggles at Marco, blushing*

Nova; *Covering her eyes* mom! *Snaps her fingers* focus! Stop checking out dad!

Star; but he always wears long sleeves, he never shows off….

Nova; You married him! You need to stop him before…


Nova; Oh no…

(the final countdown plays as Marco and Tom began smacking the ping pong back and forth with reckless abandon)

Tom: Anti-telekinetic ping pongs?

Marco: no cheating this time!

Nova: annnnnd they’re playing….I’ll check if dad pre-made dinner for the next week.

Star: go sweetie!  LOVE YOU!