nacho lover

Jun Dating a Mexican Girl

-the first time he saw you he was like
- “ohhhh hmm🌚”
-He’s the type of guy that looveeesss curves
-even better LATINA CURVES YAS
-if you’re small/tall, don’t worry, he’s tall af, it’s like a mountain
-PDA everywhere
-Kissing you and grabbing your ass :
-“Epaleee, que te pasa?!”
-but then, it’s totally normal
-this enormous cheese ball is totally prepare to your family
-And your dad is always asking you “por qué siempre tiene cara de culo tu chino? Nadie se tiro un pedo”
-“daaaad no”
-mamá aprueba that guyyyy
-sleepovers with your primos/as
-mini dates at home, like watching movies
-eating snacks
-in love with papas, cheetos naranjas, Doritos nacho, takis…
-Cumbia Lover
-So every Selena song, he’s dancing with you
-and dancing with your abuelita
-for some reason he likes telenovelas…
-watching Teresa with him
-Tacos de canasta lover
-con doble tortilla
-Si, hasta con cebolla morada con habanero
-also he likes mondongo
-ended learning Mexican recipes
-50/50 in his Spanish, why?
-calling you Chiquitita
-you call him some bad word in Chinese, bc greasy af
-prepare your Chinese words because he wants you forever

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          waddup friends, i’m eli, i go by they/them pronouns, am a lover of nachos and a meme extraordinaire. if you didn’t know, i’m the baby of the group at merely fourteen years old. nice. anyway, you have no idea how excited i am, so without further ado, this is my precious little bean, flo !

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