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proud (an antoine griezmann imagine)

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summary: atletico madrid get knocked out of the copa del rey and antoine looks to his girlfriend for comfort

You hadn’t been able to make it to the game that evening. Instead of heading to Barcelona to watch the match live and cheer Atletico on from the stands, you’d been forced to rely on Twitter, thanks to your boss insisting on holding a meeting the next morning at 9am.

If it were any other match, you would have been disappointed. Instead, you’re kind of grateful. Watching Antoine’s face fall and a sad smile grace his features as the team applauded the away fans had been bad enough through your laptop screen, and you’re pretty sure seeing it in the flesh would have been enough to make you never want to watch a football match again.

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DAY 16, Entry "Old Man McGucket's Conspiracy Corner" ✂ - kinseis
"Yesterday, I was looking around, see, 
and I noticed a window in the Mystery Shack 
shaped like a big ol' triangle with an eyeball in it. 
Now I can't stop thinking about triangles. 
Portals, demons, nacho earrings, infinity pizza.  
I have a theory that roadside cones 
are trying to take over the world. Lousy shapes!"

real-life-pine-tree  asked:

I just had a thought. We don't know what Dipper and Mabel's parents look like Mabel could have gotten the "hair curls" from her mother.

Even if she got her hair curls from Mom Pines (which I doubt she did tbh), that doesn’t change the fact that the design choices for Mabel and Carla make you think of the other.

The hair curls. The colors they wear (specifically Mabel’s Shooting Star sweater compared with the top Carla is wearing here. Mabel’s nacho earrings compared to Carla’s classic triangle ones. The flower that is in Mabel’s hair in this picture.

These are all visual clues. The crew wants you to connect these characters. They want you to uncover how they’re related.

I’m certain I know how they’re related.

Theory 3

Grunkle Stan and Carla “Hotpants” McCorkle never officially broke up…

Well we all know that she left him for some hippy dude but what if she had to get back together with Stan? maybe she realized that Stanford was the one for her all along, or maybe she broke up with hippy dude and went back to Stan or maybe she was pregnant? Who knows?

But you may ask why I got this idea and well…

Let’s take a look at Mabel

She has a flower on her head just like dun dun dun!

That’s not all, what about …

Her earrings, her nacho like earrings, they’re just like Dun Dun Dun!

Still not convinced well what about this!

The hair! Oh my gosh the hair it’s just like DUN DUN DUN!

Carla “Hotpants” McCorkle aka Carla Pines aka Stanford’s wife aka Dipper and Mabel’s grandmother!

Highlights of the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, Ep. 109 “Pimento”

Guests this episode are Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, writer/director/bride-to-be Tom Schnauz, Jonathan Banks (Mike), and Michael Mando (Nacho).

  • Michael Mando didn’t find out that “Mijo” was Tuco until the day before shooting episode 102.
  • Back in episode 102, Nacho saying “May I?” before taking the wire cutters from Tuco wasn’t in the script.
  • Much like Rhea Seehorn, Mando spent time on the set even when he wasn’t in scenes, studying the show and the actors.
  • The dummy side (fake scene) for Mando’s audition, written by assistant writer Heather Marion, was about a guy in a bar who wanted a USB key from a person he had some kind of affection for or history with, but ultimately had to threaten his family to get the USB. The words describing his character were “intelligent, dangerous, ambitious.”
  • Mark Proksch, who plays Pryce, appears on local TV morning talk shows around the country under the name of K-Strass, the Zim Zam Yo-Yo Man, a supposed yo-yo master who actually knows nothing about yo-yo, putting the hosts in an awkward situation.
  • This is the second time Schnauz has directed. The first was Mike’s final episode on Breaking Bad, 507 “Say My Name.”
  • This episode had a teaser, a flashback into Jimmy’s past, which was cut for time.
  • The writers didn’t realize Chuck was jealous of and continuously sabotaging Jimmy until they were breaking episode 107. This was partially inspired by the pride with which Michael McKean plays Chuck. But until 107, they thought that “Hamlin was the bad guy, pure and simple” (Vince Gilligan).
  • I won’t go into detail about it since they have talked about this so many times before, but the writers and actors spend a substantial amount of time talking about the unique drawn-out nature of TV, which allows the writers to draw inspiration from the actors (as with Chuck’s character above).
  • Michael Mando points out that Nacho now has an earring in this episode, which he takes to mean something about the character has changed—he is making some more “avant-garde” moves now.
  • Mando describes “four pillars” of Nacho’s character which he learned from his two scenes in 102: First, his intelligent “malleability,” in that he can switch quickly between talking to Tuco and talking to Jimmy, with very different approaches to the two. Second, “the dichotomy of compassion and violence that live within this character like sky and land.” Third, his ambition. Fourth, the “human chord”—why he decided to effectively entrust his life to Jimmy, someone with a completely different background and personality, and even “believes in Jimmy before Jimmy believes in himself.”
  • Mando and Banks have different perspectives on doing multiple takes to get variations on a scene or “just for safety.” Mando appreciates directors giving the actors a chance to stretch and be creative, while Banks feels like if he were going to do more takes after he’s already gotten the scene right, he would still be doing takes from Breaking Bad—because an actor is never really satisfied with his work.