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I went to the Rehobeth Beach, DE vegfest a few weekends ago with a few of my friends and collected some vegan goodies!! If you follow me on snapchat then you may have already seen most of these pictures.

The first picture on the left it a cookie with brownie underneath with vegan marshmallow, pretzels, gram cracker, and more chocolate on top. It was very delectable to say the least! The picture to the right is a vanilla cupcake with whipped cream icing; it was great as well.

The next picture is of nachos I shared with my friend. They could’ve kept the peppers but I liked everything else about the nachos. The cheese sauce, and beans were amazing.

The next 2 pictures are of a (already consumed) strawberry smoothie I shared with my friend. It was nice and sweet; very refreshing. The other picture is where I got the cupcake from. I also got a smore from the lady who was selling all this tasty looking vegan stuff. If I had more money I probably would have got more from her.

The last picture is of a vegan steak sandwich with my favorite side, fries. It was hands down my favorite thing I had the whole day. The BBQ sauce was sweet and spicy and the fries were nice crispy. I had a great day overall!! I bought some other stuff like chocolate chip cookies and a peanut butter cookies but I didn’t get pictures, and I’ve posted enough vegan cookies on this blog to last a lifetime anyway!

Inception (Pt. II) {bucky x reader}

Plot: Bucky sees Y/N share those forever alone posts from 9GAG on Facebook but he’s too shy to ask you out. But Natasha has a plan… (this is an AU where everyone is happy and no one hates each other and pepper is still with tony)

In this chapter: guys and gals can just be friends even when they’re both single, right?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Wordcount: 1.4K+

Warnings: nothing it’s really PG

In case you missed it: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

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Oooh boy, was it awkward.

Y/N stared at the mat throughout most of the training session. It was the day after and Y/N could not concentrate at all.  Her punches were half-hearted and she couldn’t look at him when he was demonstrating some new moves. She could feel the heat radiating from his body, particularly his metal arm. The hairs on the back of her neck tickled when he exhaled. She knew how close he was to her.

She snapped when Bucky guided her elbow upwards to show her a defence manoeuvres, touching her arm in the process.

“Okay, hold up!” She held her hands up and stepped away from him. “How are you not bothered by what Scott said?”

“Why would I be?” he shrugged. Bucky was good at acting alright.

“Because..” She paused. “Ugh, it’s just weird!”

“Why would it be weird? It’s just training. Will you snap out of it so I can teach you how to not die on the field?”

Y/N shook her head and arms slightly, and breathed out heavily. “You’re right. Sorry, Buck. Show me the move again?”

Bucky smiled at the way she had to literally shake it off, causing baby hairs fell out of her ponytail slightly.

He took her elbow and moved it backwards, against him. “So if someone comes up from behind you, keep your elbow tight and know ‘em out – like this.”

And as if on cue, Tony walked into the gym, passing them as he headed towards the treadmills. “Oh hey there, lovebirds!”

Rolling her eyes, she shouted back, “I WILL CUT YOU IN YOUR SLEEP, TONY!”

As if anyone was fazed by her empty threats.

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