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那智の滝 by stanley yuu
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Kumano Kodo, part 2

Day #2, well rested and fed in our lovely Ryokan, brought us to another sanctuary of Kumano Kodo - Nachi Taisha. 133 meters high and 13 meters wide, Nachi-no-Otaki is the tallest waterfall in Japan and can been seen from far out on the Pacific Ocean. Nachi-no-Otaki’s water source is the surrounding broad-leaf evergreen - and in our case dripping wet, envelopped in clouds - primeval forest.

The approach up to Nachi Taisha is via the Daimon-zaka, possibly the most famous of Kumanos pilgramage routes. Daimon-zaka is an impressive cobblestone staircase slope which runs from the base of the valley to the Nachi Taisha sanctuary, a total lenght of about 600 meters and 267 stairs, lined with centuries old Japanese cedars (cryptomeria), camphor tress and bamboo groves. Daimon-zaka means “large gate slope” referring to a gate that once stood nearby.