nachi hojo

diiceegee  asked:

This isn't a "unpopular opinion" ask I kinda just wanna get your thoughts on something that crossed my mind. Even/Vexen and Hojo from FFVII share the same English VA. I don't think this is the case for the Japanese version though, but do you think it's possible Even/Vexen could be an alternate Hojo in the way that Axel is an alternate Reno?

I wouldn’t say Vexen is an alternate Hojo but I wouldn’t be surprised if they took some notes from Hojo. Mostly because Nomura designed Hojo and they’re a bit to similar for it to be utter coincidence. Also they share a Japanese voice actor, not an English one

English: Derek Stephen Prince
Japanese:  Nachi Nozawa

English: Paul Eiding
Japanese:  Nachi Nozawa