My trip in Italy

Italy in my heart. It is the country that welcomes you with warmth and smiles of the people, charismatic, expressive, resourceful, always help you and who know how to impress.

Venice, canals, gondoliers. 

Venice is island lovers with narrow streets, canals, with San-Marco Square, with flirtations gondoliers, with an atmosphere of light and bustle of carelessness. But in April was the mass of tourists..

San-Marco Square

It’s a little hurt, I wanted more space.


Verona Verona is city, which saved history of Juliette & Romeo. This is the real Italy. All around a small, cozy, emotional Italians, mimes, someone sings a song in the middle of the street, someone is dancing. People can have fun.


I want to return to Italy, visiting Rome, Florence.. (April'11)