ckay but when Anakin and Padmé are alone on Naboo who the HELL is doing that girl’s hair and wardrobe because half that shit would have to be sewn onto her body i stg like let’s just take a look shall we

we have this elephant trunk looking bun over here that’s like sewn together k how the fuck would she do that jfc and how would she tie that shit behind her neck i can’t even tie a fucking bikini and i don’t even wanna mention how she’s making that dress fucking levitate on her ass.

and here we have the front of her magic sunset dress; first, how the fuck is she not choking on that piece of metal shit tied onto her neck by a little string???????? and i would assume that it’s a little uncomfortable to have to keep your arms stuck to your sides so your fucking useless sleeves don’t fall down because they’re being held up by a piece of metal(????)

now this shit’s like a fucking net over here, i mean, look at this shit k its like half string. i can’t even wear those frayed skinny jeans without ripping a hole the size of Africa through the knee and she’s just like “hey boyfriend husband dude imma go to sleep not in my string sleeves goodnight babe” like??? how the fuck?? and i’m not sure how she didnt get strangled in her sleep because of all that neck shit going on. i cant fucking braid the back of my hair, how the hell does she have time for straightening that shit out and tying it and making it look all nice like idk maybe she was a fisherman/women whatever before she was the queen of i dont even know what.

and here is my personal favourite: the Space Dominatrix

so first of all, she gotta shimmy those leather sleeve things up to her armpits, then manage to look like a goddess instead of a sausage. she has to find some way to get that dress on which is fucking impossible because im fairly certain a long time ago that didnt have fucking zippers okay they can have blasters and lightsabers but zippers are a whole other level AND she magically has her boobs look amazing so idk maybe she got some force in her. after all that she has to get that kinky ass leather collar leash thing on and, again, not look like a sausage OR have it fall down like a fucking hula hoop. so now she’s walking around kicking this leash thing and hoping that she doesn’t fall on her perfect fucking face.

and this shit’s just fancy

The signs as Star Wars - Episode I characters

Qui-Gon Jinn: Aquarius, Capricorn

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Obi-Wan Kenobi: Virgo, Libra

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Anakin Skywalker: Leo, Sagittarius

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Padmé Amidala: Taurus, Cancer

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Jar Jar Binks: Pisces

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Darth Maul: Aries, Scorpio

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Chancellor Palpatine: Gemini

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Star Wars Locations ✹


Naboo was a bountiful planet in the Mid Rim, close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories. It was home to the Gungan species and to a population of humans known as the Naboo. The Naboo developed into a classic feudal society with a hereditary noble class and common folk. The Naboo are known for being peaceful, enlightened, and artistic, among other things.

Naboo’s surface comprised a vast array of different landscapes, from rolling plains and grassy hills to swampy lakes caused by the water-filled network of deep-sea tunnels. Beside its natural features, Naboo was considered a world of classical beauty due to the aesthetics of its population centers. 

Naboo’s main export was the plasma that flowed from below the surface of the planet. Blossom wine was also one of Naboo’s major exports, along with fine art and architectural influence. 

  • What I said: "I can't sleep"
  • What I mean: "What is Luke's reaction when he discover who his mother was? And Leia? What is the twins reaction to discover their mother was a sweet, intelligent, caring, beautiful and badass creature that pretty much could handle herself in a lot of bullshit and was THE best Queen of Naboo and their GREATEST Senator and thousands cried her death and walked in her funeral, and their father literaly choose the dark side to save her and he couldn't..."

I wanna know more about the handmaidens of Naboo.

Like, give me the time that Yané snuck a cat into the palace without realizing it was pregnant and then half the palace was overrun with kittens.

Tell me about the time a foreign dignitary mistook Sabé for Padmé and the Queen just rolled with it because she had a massive headache and Sabé could handle it (Sabé negotiates a trade contract so well that Padmé jokes that maybe the Naboo elected the wrong person).

Tell me about Eirtaé and Saché having a long running competition on the shooting range about who’s the better shot (Eirtaé is better with pistols, but Saché is a holy terror if you give her a rifle).

I wanna hear about Rabé, who daydreamed about being a fighter pilot and studied astronomy and astrophysics in addition to her royal duties, and dragged all the other handmaidens out one night to watch a meteor shower.

I bet Eirtaé had weird hipster music taste and everyone pretended to hate it, but Padmé finds herself humming a song from some underground Corellian band during a state dinner one night.

Whenever one of the handmaiden’s family members asks “so what are you going to do when the queen leaves office?” They all answer “become a hairdresser” so many times that people finally stop asking.

Tell me about Yané assembling a massive spy ring and running it well, so that by the time Amidala leaves office they have spies reporting in everywhere from the heart of Coruscant to the edge of Hutt space.

Like, one time a well-dressed girl gang got together and ran a planet, and I wanna know more about it.