#tbt This photo was taken by #nabilshash in Toronto at a photoshoot for emerging artist I coordinated for #ThePeopleProject. It was an opportunity for #LGBTQ youth artists to have creative control over their image as well as gain a much needed resource of a #headshot from an incredible photographer. We held it at our offices that we shared with a multitude of grassroots youth organization downtown in #the6ix. I have seen this image used and reproduced without consent more times than I can recall, so I wanted to be clear about the messaging and context. I took this because I wanted an image where I was both feminine and political, something so often defined to be at odds but effortlessly reconciled in the lives experiences by many of the other radical #femmes I know. I wanted it because I rarely see us as women of color portrayed in ways we control. I wanted to show solidarity to the many intersections of ability, sexuality, gender, ethnicity knowing that our strength lies in diversity. #femmeonpurpose #socialentrepreneur #femmesofcolorvisibility

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