hello :) so i reached my halloween goal and i’ve been wanting to do a follow forever for a while so i figured might as well make one to celebrate not only the fact that i reached my goal by halloween but also the fact that halloween was p much a great day for all of us. anywayyyyyy, if you’re not on this and you should be then im sorry :/ anyway im gonna do my special ones first and then do the other stuff :~)

first off, here’s this asshole that i’m not following but only because we like different things but she’s still my best freidnd?????


& my sister who is naming her child after harry and me


and finally, the one, the only pokato i need,



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gc shoutouts:

the LA squad (Louis’ Ankles): y’all are……..the craziest bunch of people there is……..and im sorry about my constant messages about…niall………..or..louis…….or whenever i get mad at assley :/ anyway, you guys have really picked me up positively in a time when i wasn’t very happy and so i’d like to thank all of you for being the wonderful human beings you are!!! i love y’all :)

nabhs/atbhs: i don’t even remember when i was added to this gc but i’m not complaining at all tbh i love all of you very very much and even though i’m quiet in that gc i still read all of the messages and i’m always very entertained by what you guys have to say!!! love you :)

the Gays™ (-3.14159): i know i unexpectedly left this gc a while ago and i know it’s like…died out a lot, but i still miss all of you very much and i love you all very much. this was my very first gc and without it i definitely wouldn’t have made so many friends. i love you guys a lot!!!!!!!

now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for….

italics are my favorites



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