NABC in Manhattan offers training for first responders

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – If you’re family is in danger you expect their rescuers to know what to do. First responders need to know to deal with all kinds of trouble, even hazardous materials.

The Manhattan Fire Department is one of the first crews to get to almost any emergency and we expect them to know how to deal with any situation, which is why their fire fighters participate in monthly training.

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Chatzy;Hide and Seek

WHO: Jonathan Kavinsky & Aldrik Meyer
WHAT: Party at Aldriks
WHEN: 09.07.2015
WHERE: Aldriks house.

WORD COUNT: 14,103 words
SUMMARY: After everyone leaves at Aldriks party, the two boys take a shower together. Quickly being bored standing in the shower highly intoxicated, they choose to play hide and seek. Tension begins to grow between them and when doing a shot gun on Aldriks bed, their lips meet and they aren’t able to stop themselves.

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WHO: Jonathan Kavinsky & Aldrik Meyer
WHAT: Joints for two
WHEN: 15.07.2015
WHERE: Jonathans van

WORD COUNT: 5,211 words
SUMMARY: Smoking weed in Jonathan’s old van, given to him by his grandparents, the two boys fire up a pibe and share small stories from their lives. Partly to outplay each other, partly to actually get to know the person they’re sitting in front of.

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