Happy 5th. :"> :)

September 20, 2011. Celebration of our 5th monthsary. :“)

  • Brownies from her

That’s no ordinary brownies for me, it’s special! and That was given to me by my baby. :”) At first pa nga when I saw her carrying the brownies, she said that it’s not for me. But then again, when we finished eating, back then I knew that it’s for me. :“”>

  • Cinnamon swirl from me

The Cinnamon swirl, I know most of you have already tasted this food from Starbucks, but my babe’s taste buds have not yet tasted it. So, here I am, giving her the food that also made me say “IT IS, DELICIOUS!”. I can see that this monthsary of ours is different. We both gave each other food as gifts. :“”“> Me, the cinnamon, her, the brownies. :’)

  • Mocha frapp, named "Rina”

Ahm. Yes, that’s a mocha frappuccino, I only concentrated on the name. :D Well, what does that “Rina” means? I know many couples mix their names together, but most do not. But my name Rico, hers Yna, when mixed up together, “Ri + na = Rina”. haha. For others, it’s just a normal name of their’s. But for the both of us. It means a lot. :’>

  • Superman and Just Reblog ballers

Holding our hands together, and taking a picture of our ballers. :) :bd :“”> I gave her the Just Reblog baller, while she gave me the Superman baller. :“> It’s just so cute that we wore the two ballers, without planning about wearing it, today. :’)

  • Me and her, eating the white thingy of the frapp

hahaha. What ever what they call that. We just took each other’s pictures zipping/eating the frapp. :’) I don’t know? We just took pictures. :) 

Happpy Happpyy 5th Monthsary, Babe! :*** :’) :”> But then again, I will miss her. A LOT! and SO SO MUCH! I love you! :** <3 >:D< mwaaa!